Henry Zebrowski is Not Married! But Girlfriend is No Less Than a Wife to Him

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Henry Zebrowski is Not Married! But Girlfriend is No Less Than a Wife to Him

When you are with the right person, marriage is just a tagline to add later. While some fail to handle the responsibilities a conjugal life entails even as a married individual, there are a few who manage it better in spite of a marital union.

The latter can be applied to the TV actor Henry Zebrowski’s girlfriend: she is a keeper! If you are wondering about their relationship, we have everything covered.

Henry Zebrowski Bio: More About His Girlfriend Who is More Like His Wife

Born on May 1, 1984, Henry Zebrowski was raised in Florida. He went to Florida State University where he began performing as a stand-up comedian and eventually ended up in the Muderfist sketch comedy group. 

They started performing in a gay bar every week which ultimately forged Henry a path to big screen performances.

Zebrowski has been a part of some of the great movies like Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street, Hero Reborn, Dirty Grandpa and Muderfist. The actor is seen more on TV in comparison to movies. 

Some of his TV credits include Blue Bloods, Best Week Ever, and Crashing. Even though he has been a part of great movies, his net worth has not been disclosed yet.

But it's not his professional life we are here to focus on. The comedian-actor has a girlfriend, and everyone should know about her.

Henry Zebrowski is currently in a relationship with Natalie Jean. The couple is not married yet but seems extremely content with their relationship. 

Natalie, who stands at 5 feet and 10 inches, is a ballet dancer and actor. Henry Zebrowski is very forthcoming when it comes to flaunting his girlfriend.


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Now that is the most adorable caption any boyfriend can come up with for his girlfriend.


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Take a look at a few more. And we can't stress enough, DO NOT miss the captions!


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Henry does not wait for any occasion to share his girlfriend's picture on Instagram. Every day is a girlfriend appreciation day for this beau.


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Only through Henry's captions, we can establish just how much he adores his girlfriend, Natalie. The couple recently celebrated their two years anniversary together. Take a look!


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And here is the last one, but not the least.

Caption: Henry, with his girlfriend, Natalie, poses for the camera.

Photo Credit: Reddit.com

We can see that Henry is shorter than Natalie, but when it comes to love, height, age, race, and everything else is irrelevant. 

The couple has been in love for more than two years now but hasn't announced anything about engagement or marriage. 

Henry has not been subjected to any other link ups or controversy. He spends most of his time with his girlfriend, and even his family approves of her. We hope this love affair continues to grow more prominent in the future.