Hong Chau Bio: Everything On Her From Birthday to Boyfriend - If She Has One!

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Hong Chau Bio: Everything On Her From Birthday to Boyfriend - If She Has One!

Good things come to those who wait, especially to those who are on the road with both talent and patience. Running on her 30’s, Hong Chau is the live example of the quote who has every success recipe from beauty to brains.

Success runs in Hong Chau’s blood even if she is just two films older in Hollywood. Hong Chau’s journey from Thailand to Hollywood is no less than an inspirational movie, giving hope and power to the young girls aspiring to be actress themselves.

You know her success, her movies, and her acting ability, and today, we have assembled everything about Chau, from her birthday to boyfriend down below!

Journey from Vietnam to Hollywood’s Height

Hong Chau is undoubtedly from New Orleans, USA but her origins run back to Thailand, her original birthplace, but from Vietnamese parents. Despite her Asian ethnicity,  she was destined to make her space in Hollywood.

With the age of 37, the actor has two feature-films, few TV series, and some appearances, but has been successful in stealing the limelight with her talents every time she is on the screen.

For the rooted Asian typecasting in Hollywood, her 2017's movie "Downsizing" with Matt Damon was a huge breakout. Hong explains her role in Downsizing as,

"She gets to be funny. She gets to be a pain in the a**. She gets to be heroic. You don't get that all in one character often."

Her role as Ngoc Lan Tran, a compassionate activist, offering her first Golden Globe nomination, is an enormous jump forward in her career course. 

Chau, a film graduate from Boston University, realized her acting ability when she performed for fellow students’ short films; she received enough encouragement to pursue the career in acting, and the rest is history!

Love Limited to Roles Only?

The adorable actress is heading straight for major works in Hollywood creating an incredible career chart. But her dating affairs is still the subject of mystery. She found her man of her dreams, the acting powerhouse, Matt Damon, as her husband in 2017. Sadly, it was just on-screen romance for her movie "Downsizing." 

Despite that, she seems to reside far away from the media when it comes to revealing about her boyfriend and has still to feed any food for thoughts to the waiting fans. 

Take it from her charm to beauty, who would not want to marry such wonderful actress and create a love story of their own. Certainly, the story would be such a fairytale without any sorts of heartbreaks or even divorce for that matter, don't you think so as well?

But, it seems the fans should gear up their "wait-and-watch" suit for love to penetrate through actress's life. And once everything is perfect; the actress might bring the happy news that everybody is dying to hear!

Hong Chau's Short Wiki:

The actress, Hong Chau, was born in 1979 and celebrates her birthday every year on  June 3. She was born in Thailand as one of three children from Vietnamese parents. Her story of Vietnam to New Orleans goes to back to late 1970’s when American military withdrew its forces in Vietnam.

Her parents ended up in a refugee camp in Thailand but made a fresh start when the family in New Orleans volunteered to sponsor them. Hong spent her childhood days in New Orleans, and she recalled her New Orleans upbringing as,

"That in and of itself is sort of its own movie" 

She got her formal education from Eleanor McMain Secondary School, Ben Franklin High School and the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts in Natchitoches.

Already in huge limelight and height of success, the actress stands at the natural height of 5’ (1.52m). As for her finances, some sources claim her net worth to be $17 million, but the actress herself has yet to come forward with the information!