Don Johnson Wife, Children, Relationship, Family

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Don Johnson Wife, Children, Relationship, Family

The significance of the beloved '80s cop TV series Miami Vice can't be stressed enough.

In many ways, it laid out the blueprint for everything that's on TV right now. From the persistent pop culture reference to the use of real locations, the show indeed revolutionized the public perception of what a great TV can be.

At the center of the cultural phenomenon - i.e., Miami Vice - was its lead James "Sonny" Crockett, played by Don Johnson. Characterized by his eccentric lifestyle, the Flat Creek, Missouri native's on-screen persona embodied the word "cool" like no other. Heck, it even helped him win a Golden Globe in 1986.

One of the reasons why Don felt so home with his on-reel identity was because he was portraying himself -- a real-life womanizer. Before Miami Vice reached its peak, he had already married thrice and was fathering a daughter.

When the hype around the show began to wan, he married his ex-wife for the second time and went on to have a son. After divorcing her, Don tied the knot yet again with his present wife - with whom he shares three children - in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Relationship Details - From Wives To Children

Pre Miami Vice, Don - who stands five feet and ten inches (180 cm) in height - saw his first two marriages get annulled within a matter of days. Though the name of his first and second wife evades public knowledge, rumor suggests that they were a dancer and a rich bimbo respectively.

Also, there was a short-lived marriage with Melanie Griffith, the daughter of Harrad Experiment co-star, Trippi Hedren. The Django Unchained actor and Melanie were 22 and 14 respectively when they first began dating but, waited till the latter's 18th birthday to get married.

Sadly, six months later, in July of 1976, Don and his third wife parted ways. Following the divorce, he went on a dating spree before eventually settling with actress Patti D'Arbanville, the mother of his oldest son, Jesse Wayne.

When things between him and his partner Patti turned sour, the Nash Bridges star - who garners a reported net worth of $40 million - reconnected with his third wife, Melanie and married her the second time in 1989. Within months of marrying, the pair welcomed their first child, Dakota Johnson.

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Though Dakota brought joy into their lives, it wasn't enough to keep their marriage from crumbling. And in 1996, the duo called it quits.

Don Johnson accompanies his wife, Melaine Griffith to the 1989 Oscars (Photo:-

The history repeated itself; the second divorce with Melanie spurred yet another dating spree because shortly after, Don got involved in a high-profile romance with Barbara Streisand and co-star Jodi Lyn O'Keefe.

Though both these romances piqued the public interest, none stood the test of time and for good.

5 Times Married Now; Wedding Details With 4th Wife

His fourth wife Kelly Phleger, Montessori nursery teacher-turned-socialite, is the best thing, despite the 20 years age gap, that has ever happened to him -- or at least that's what he claims.

Not only it is his most successful marriage till date, having borne three children Atherton, Jasper & Deacon from it, but also the most sustaining.

Married on 29th April 1999 in a star-studded wedding - which featured legendary actor Robert Wagner serving as the best man and then-Mayor Willie Brown as the officiant - Don and his present wife, Kelly are together for almost two decades now.

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Don Johnson (third from R) and his present wife, Kelly Phleger (fourth from R) alongside their children & extended family pose for Christmas snap (Photo:- Melanie Griffith's Instagram) 

To his credit, the Machete actor, now age 69, maintains a harmonious relationship with all of his exes and their present spouses. Take 2016 Christmas Eve family reunion for instance, where he invited the whole of Johnson-Griffith-Banderas-Phleger-Bauer clan for celebration.