Is Townhall Journalist Katie Pavlich Engaged to Brandon Darby or Is She Married? Meet The rumored Husband Brandon Darby

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Is Townhall Journalist Katie Pavlich Engaged to Brandon Darby or Is She Married? Meet The rumored Husband Brandon Darby

You probably know this, young and ambitious lady has already made huge strides as a reporter.But did you know that her efforts have allegedly made the government think twice about passing certain laws?


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But, with all these things aside,  recent news suggests that Katie has been linked up with the rumors of getting engaged with Brandon Darby, which the two have never signaled and revealed. Brandon Darby is an American informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a conservative blogger and managing director of Breitbart Texas, news and an opinion website.


Caption: Austin activist/FBI informant Brandon Darby.


Born and raised in Pasadena, Texas, this young lad fled home to get a decent job, and he later became heavily involved as an information activist to the FBI.

Katie and Brandon Darby has been heavily linked up by rumors of dating ever since they have known each other. Katie has not revealed a word on this matter as she refuses to disclose him as her boyfriend publicly.

This gorgeous lady is not married yet. However, rumor has it that she is romantically involved with Brandon Darby, which has never been confirmed till date. On the contrary, Katie Pavlich seems to have found love in her home state of Arizona.

It is said that she has a boyfriend whom they have been childhood friends and things are apparently serious between them. She has hopes of getting married, but not anytime soon.

But it is so obvious that Pavlich is serious with her boyfriend, Brandon. Well, we only wait to see her introduce him to the world.


Many sources have predicted and hyped the news of these two and praised their relationship, stating that they were apparently friends since their childhood and have always been in love. But Darby sarcastically revealed regarding the link-up on his Twitter account saying that he believed that it wasn't a good idea to date, Katie Pavlich, as he didn’t want problems or divisions in their movement.

Interview with Brandon Darby:

They had plans of extending their long-term relationship into marriage early on, but Katie’s goal and ambitions drew her back from what her heart wanted. When asked if she had any regret on her decision, she had said,

"I know he will be right there and I will be right here”.

She has hopes of getting married to her future loving husband, but not any soon.

Well, on this matter, we can do nothing but to sit and wait until they both revealed themselves about whether they have been dating or has any plan of marriage in the near future.

Katie Pavlich gets stalked and harassed online:

Her relationship with Brandon wasn't the only time the Federal Bureau Investigation was involved in her life, though.

On may 19,2016, the FBI revealed that Katie Pavlich was being harassed through emails and social media and had over 250 emails sent by a stalker.

The culprit was 33-year-old Charles Moreland who on his probation during the time he stalked Pavlich. The man was sentenced to a month in prison and a five month home detention in January 2015 after he threatened to harm Democratic Senator Harry Reid and his family. While he was on probation, he stalked Katie and sent over 250 emails, many of which were quite disturbing.

He appeared to have been quite deranged and was when are you going to seduce me?, are [you] going to kill me if I don't marry you? And even took a video of her brother at a gun range and  threatened to harm him.infuatuated with Pavlich stating various disturbing lines in his emails such as

Later on, when it was found that Moreland was using laptops/cell phones with internet access during his probation, he was sentenced to 5months of prison, leading to a small pause in his stalking of Katie. Sadly, the instant he was released, he started harassing Pavlich on Email as well as Twitter.

Coincidentally, it was also reported that sent Moreland 'threatening' emails to the White House, Hillary Clinton, and other public officials. 

Katie Pavlich: A Short Bio

Katie Pavlich,  a young and a conservative journalist, was born and raised in Arizona on 10th July 1988. She made her way through the big media with all her tireless efforts when she finished her campus and decided to head to Washington D.C where she became a news editor for the conservative’s

Since then, she has made her name as a Conservative journalist and joined the ranks of  Dana Loesch, Jedediah Bila, and Andrea Tantaros. She has yet to reach her thirties, and within her short span in the media, she has taken in this field by storm surprisingly.

Moreover, her reporting has gone to such an extent that her views and reports have made it so difficult for the Obama government to formulate or legislate a few laws with much ease and comfort. After working some time as an editor at, she later became the contributing editor to Townhall Magazine.