Jacob Bixenman Not Shy Of His Gay Sexuality With Boyfriend Troye Sivan! An Ideal For Others?

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Jacob Bixenman Not Shy Of His Gay Sexuality With Boyfriend Troye Sivan! An Ideal For Others?

How often have we come to know that the fear of opening up about one's sexuality and accepting what one believes in, has led to the truth being buried? Many times, right? After all, the fear of not being accepted by the society looms around the minds of LGBTQ people.

It indeed is a serious issue but rising above it are two young people, who have been setting the benchmark for those afraid to open up about what they believe in; with regards to their sexuality. And those two people are none other than the famous model Jacob Bixenman and his singer boyfriend, Troye Sivan.

Yes, you are right, they are probably dating! So, let us take a look to find out how they have been defying the odds; showing that love is what that wins in the end. 

Rising Beyond The Fear of Abandonment, Jacob Bixenman & Troye Sivan Have Been Dating Exquisitely:

Jacob Bixenman has already set his professional life as a model through his skills in his modeling career, and now he is getting recognized for something else, that he has done in his personal life. It is his fearlessness in accepting himself as a gay person.

Along with that, Jacob Flaunts his love for his boyfriend, singer/Youtuber Troye Sivan amidst everyone. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Jacob has been dating Troye, who was once rumored to be dating Connor Franta.

But now that we know, Troye is not dating Franta but is good friends with him, let us have a look at how the companionship between Sivan and Jacob looks like.

The two have not officially come out as a romantic couple, but the way the social media has been finding their connection brewing further with time; they evidently are dating one another.

Moreover, some of the tweets and social media posts from the fans specify the nature of their connection.

Is this not enough to make the people believe that Jacob who is just 23, and Troye, who is 22 in age, are romantically linked with one another?

A Short Wiki-Like Bio of Jacob Bixenman:

May 27, 1994, born Jacob Bixenman is a famous model from the United States of America. Jacob is most recognized for earning representation with the reputed Ford Models when he was discovered by the agency after he entered a competition in VMan.

He has since earned a lot of success at a relatively younger age; his Instagram account merely proves that where he has a massive fan following of more than 200,000 people. He was also featured in VMan article titled "6 New Models to Watch Out For" during NYFW Men's Spring 2017.

The model, who hails from Orange County, California is also a huge fan of writing poetry, short fiction and is involved in this art as well. 

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