James Fitzgerald, Retired FBI Agent's Static Married Life! Wife & Family Status Now

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James Fitzgerald, Retired FBI Agent's Static Married Life! Wife & Family Status Now

American criminal profiler, James Fitzgerald, who is best known for his role in the UNABOM investigation, is a retired FBI agent. During his career as an FBI agent, James has found remarkable success as he was responsible for the arrest and conviction of Ted Kaczynski, the person behind the mail bombings.

Ted had led the FBI on the infamous, and most expensive, 18-year manhunt, but the case was cracked by the lesser known FBI agent James. While James was determined to catch the guy, he lost track with his wife and family.

In the process of convicting the criminal, he was led to estrangement from his wife with ended in a divorce. However, James found love again and as of now he is engaged. 

FBI Agent's Married Life Comes To An End, Kids First Priority 

James Fitzgerald, who is also a forensic linguist, used to be married. He shared the marital bond with his loving wife for decades but his work schedules led to the end of their marriage.

James was married to Ellie. James and his wife, Ellie tied the nuptial knot sometime around in 1976. The couple were going strong in their relationship and even had a family together. They were blessed with two sons Sean and Dan.

The couple was going strong with their relationship until he was selected to attend the National Academy Session and staying away from home for three months became difficult.

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But as he was living in Philadelphia, he could make it home on most weekends. Later in 1987, James became an FBI agent and served for next twenty years as a special agent. Sometime later, he was blessed with his third son Ryan.

With James's involvement with FBI and biggest criminal cases, he drifted from his family. When Ted's case arrived at his desk and he started working in it, he grew more distant from his wife which eventually ended his marital relationship. 

He was determined to catch the guy which drove him far from his wife but despite it, his children were his first priority. James, who prefers to keep most part of his personal life away from the social media, revealed the happiness of addition of grandchildren into the family.

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He posted a picture holding his two days old granddaughter, Bryan Aoife Fitzgerald, back in August 2017. Well, he sure seems to be blessed with a family despite parting ways with his wife.

Personal Life Now

Despite the end of his relationship with his wife, James did not give up on love. He gave it another chance and found it in his now-fiance Natalie. After the end of his marriage with Ellie, James found love with Natalie.

James Fitzgerald with fiance Natalie at a red carpet. (Photo: James Fitzgerald's Facebook)

But Natalie was not in the picture until he had arrested Ted Kaczynski. However, in the series based on the life of James, Natalie portrays as the linguist professor who helps Jams find the key to Kaczynski’s writing.

However, nothing similar happened in his actual life. Instead, he fell for Natalie after solving the most notable case in his career.