EastEnders' Jessie Wallace Close With Sister & Far From Family As She Hides Daughter From Parents

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EastEnders' Jessie Wallace Close With Sister & Far From Family As She Hides Daughter From Parents

Soap star Jessie Wallace enraged into the fame with her appearance in EastEnders, who has also won the title of Best Newcomer Award.

She is the 8th longest serving actress in the series, but she had to take a maternity leave when she was just six months pregnant and returned after her daughter was three months old.

Well, after a year of birth, she split with her baby-daddy, and since that day, she has not allowed her baby-daddy and his parents to meet her daughter. Also, it seems she is far not close to her fiance's parents, but she has reconciled her relationship with her sister.

Hides Daughter From Parents

Soap star, Jessie Wallace first met her fiance, Dave Morgan in 2003 when he used to a traffic cop. On their meeting day, he escorted her to court to face a drink-drive charge. 

Shortly after that, they started dating from April 2003.  She gave to her first child at the age of 33, a daughter named Tallulah Lilac Morgan on 2 November 2004 at the private hospital, weighing 7lbs 13oz.

Jessie Wallace with her daughter, Tallulah Lilac Morgan (Photo: Getty Images)

During her pregnancy period, Jessie, whose net worth has not revealed, had to take early maternity leave from EastEnders at six months pregnant after being hospitalized for almost losing the baby due to stress.

After the birth of their daughter, Dave's parents David Morgan and Barbara wanted the best start of the couple. However, the couple could not sustain their relationship long and ended in February 2005.

Following her breakup with her fiance, she kept her baby girl away from her baby dady and his parents. And Dave's desperate parents begged the former EastEnders star to be in touch with their granddaughter.

They had only seen Tallulah after she was born, after that they have only seen her in the pictures. The happy grandparents complained:

We send cards every year for her birthday and Christmas but we don't get to see her. It's been horrendous. We don't see the baby at all."

It's not only Dave's parents who wanted to see their grandchild; Dave too was eager to meet his daughter, who has lost the contact with his daughter after their break-up.

He admitted:

"I'm not afraid to admit that not seeing Tallulah brings tears to my eyes. I'm desperate to cuddle her, to see her, just to play with her. Any father in my position will understand how I feel. I can't tell you how hurt I am. "Tallulah would just smile at me and I'd melt. Jessie is being cruel not letting me see my daughter - there's just no reason for this." 

But Jessie later told that

"We'd agreed an access arrangement but Dave cancelled after two sessions saying he was on a course in Sweden so wouldn't be able to see Tallulah for a while. I then found out he was actually going on holiday."

Also, another Jessie's former partner builder Chris Osborn to whom she dated for two months, supported Jessie claiming Dave disowned his own daughter.

She has also dated the caterer Vincent Morse from July 2010 to August 2011 and was shortly engaged to get married after she dumped him on the wedding day. Similarly, she also shared the romantic relationship with the Tim Arnold in between April 2012 and February 2016.

Notably, apart from sharing the romance with multiple partners, she has not seen the husband-like figure in any of her partners. This might be the reason, she has not married yet.

Half Sister And Family

Jessie Wallace was born to the father James and mother Annette. She has an older sister Joanne, and their parents got a divorce when Jessie was just three years old. And they were brought up by their father.

She has a half-sister named Danielle Mason after her mother married to Ron Mason. 

Jessie Wallace with her Half-sister, Danielle strolling out to attend the EastEnders star Chucky Venn's Birthday on 26 June 2017 (Photo: dailymail.co.uk)

The two half-sister, Jessie, and Danielle were not in the good relationship. They had a decade-long feud after Danielle accused Jessie of turning her back to her step-father Ron Mason, who was battling with leukemia.

Jessie's step-father and Danielle's father was in intensive care, and also doctors had warned her family that thier father might not survive much.

Danielle added:

"He always treated her like his own daughter. He would have comforted Jessie when she fell over and scraped her knee, or had nightmares, and lots of her childhood memories will be with him and mum."  

However, the pair reconciled and became the soul sister after Ron's death in 2016. And they also celebrated the Easter together.

The glamour model, Danielle shared a picture on her Instagram story where she was seen embracing EastEnders star tightly.

A source close to the family reported that:

'They’re stronger than ever and they’ve really pulled through. Everyone’s really proud of them. Just like with all siblings, they still have their ups and downs and of course, neither are known to hold back. But they’re much tighter now and makeup quickly, it’s as if no time has passed really!' 

Following the end of their long family disputes, Jessie and Danielle are spotted together in many public places, and they seemed to have to cherish their sisterhood.