Jodie Marsh Hid Husband Divorce Grief Behind Weird Celebration! Break Down, Lesbian Interest Now

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Jodie Marsh Hid Husband Divorce Grief Behind Weird Celebration! Break Down, Lesbian Interest Now

A British native Jodie Marsh is a known reality star who appeared in the TV shows like Celebrity Big Brother, Snog Marry Avoid?, and Totally Jodie Marsh: Who’ll Take Her Up the Aisle? 

From the reality show, she also got married to her first husband but their short-lived married life ended and also changed her opinion towards the love. Next, she was giving love a second chance after falling in love at first sight at a parking lot with her second husband, which ended in running naked celebrating divorce.

As of now, she is struggling with her lesbian interest and wanting to have a baby.

Love At First Sight; Runs Naked In Garden Celebrating Divorce

English media personality, Jodie Marsh shared a romantic relationship with the personal trainer James Placido after falling in love at a first sight in car parking. During their four years of celibacy, she made clear that she was not interested in the meaningless physical relationship.

She stuck to her tradition desperately awaited for the wedding night lifting her sex banner tightly.

After sharing the romantic relationship for four long years, she secretly got married to James in a private ceremony in Barbados, USA. The ceremony was attended only by their family members which included both of their mothers and the bride's father who walked her down the aisle.

After their wedding ceremony in the USA, the newly-wed couple then held a separate wedding reception in England earlier in October.

Jodie Marsh, James with their mothers on their wedding day (Photo:

The couple met in a car park, and eventually, their eyes collide, and the duo fell for each other. She described their love story as love at first sight. She told to Star Magazine:

"We met in a car park! He got out of the car and we looked into each other's eyes. We both knew there and then we were going to be together. It was love at first sight."

She seemed happy with him that she feels lucky to have him.

"I feel sorry for every other woman in the world because they haven't got him and I have."

The bodybuilder showed her keen to have children with personal trainer James, but they wanted to rejoice their newlywed bliss for a while longer. 

Well, she thought him to be her soul mate, but after a year of their married life, she realized that he was not the one. She divorced her husband in 2016 and when the divorced was finalized in 2017, she ran around naked in her garden in celebration.

Previously, she got married to Matt Peacock in 2007 after appearing on her television show with him, but the couple divorced two months later.

With the two broken marriage, she also reflected her heartbreak situation in her blog post that the heartbreak is more painful than the death. She also claimed that James was not the man who she thought he was. And she was wrong about justifying him as her soulmate

Open To Dating Women; Lesbian Engagement

After her rigid split with her husband, she turned her love interest to move on a woman. When she broke with James, her friends suggested her to workout with women.

The Essex Wives star, who has a net worth of £375,000, also disclosed that she never shared a physical relationship with women. 

"When I first broke up with James my friends' first reaction was: 'You should go out with a woman now! I've never been in a physical relationship with a woman before, but I'm open to it."

Also previously, she had shown keen interest to have children with her second husband, James. But in 2016, after their divorce, she still wants the kid and claims that she could be a good mother. And the star was searching for the sperm donor.

She also claimed that she wanted to have a single parent and would not be entertained by the father's presence. She said:

"I don't want the father of my baby to have any part of my life – after all he just w**ked into a cup. I don't care what the sperm donor looks like – they just need to be fit and run marathons."

Notably, the model-turned-star, also shared the lesbian relationship with her hairdresser, Nina after divorcing her first husband. The two lesbian couple were too serious about getting married that they announced their engagement after a month of dating.