Joe Keery Checks Off Family Goals With Loving Parents And Siblings But Is He Missing On Having A Girlfriend?

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Joe Keery Checks Off Family Goals With Loving Parents And Siblings But Is He Missing On Having A Girlfriend?

A family is the most precious possession one can have. If you have a loving family and their support, you have the strength to go through any phase in life. The same can be said about the famous actor and singer, Joe Keery.

Keery is someone who has an adorable family consisting of his parents and siblings, and it can be safe to say that he has lived a very satisfying life till date. But does he have a girlfriend to handle the romantic front of his life or is the man content with loving his family only? Let us find out!

Keery's Parents And Siblings: His Family Life

Keery is someone who has not backed down from showing his love for his family which makes a lot of people fall for him even more after seeing his soft side. Everyone has a soft side but hesitate to show it for some reason. Moreover, if you follow Keery over on his official Instagram account, you shall be able to see plenty of posts of him with his parents and twin sisters.


Risky Dad and Safety Mom. What a great way to end college with my two best friends!

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His love for his siblings, his sisters Kate and Emma is also ample in amount and adorable to see.

 His posts surely show how much love he has for his family.


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 Professionally, he is loved by many and after seeing his love for his family, one can assume that he has a great family life as well.

Is There Still A Void Left For His Love Mate? A Girlfriend?

Keery is good looking and also got a great heart by the looks of it. He is adored by everyone that he is even termed "Internet's New Boyfriend." But does he have a lady by his side in his life? Also, who can that person be? 

Well, let us take a look at what we can find on this.

Above we showed you his Instagram pictures of his family which was really adorable. But he also has posted some photos of him with a beautiful lady who people speculate to be his lady love or his girlfriend.

His lock screen wallpaper, however, makes people more curious. Have a look!

The name of the lady whose photos are posted by Keery is Emily Schexnayder who also happens to be an actress by profession.  


Miss my buddy/team captain. She's on a mountain. #dehydratedlasagna

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It is not only Keery who has been posting photos of Emily, but Emily too has been posting Keery's pictures on her Instagram account.


Such a goud listin y'all hear this song is amazing

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 They also have plenty of humor between them and an example of that was seen when Emily posted the following picture of Joe.


A post shared by Emily Schexnayder (@wrong.emily) on

This fuels the fire, and thus, people often tend to wonder if they two are dating in real. Nothing official, however, has come from either party regarding these sorts of rumors but we might have to stay tuned to see if they two are indeed dating one another.

But the two have not new and recent posts of one another over on social medias and that leads the fans to often wonder if they are separated now or are willing to keep things closer to the chest. Regardless, we do hope that the two soon take the fans off the edge of their seats and address the fans curiosities.

A Short Bio Of Joe Keery:

Heredia, Costa Rica-born Joe Keery celebrates his birthday on April 24, 1992. Keery grew up in Newburyport, Massachusetts where he attended the Newburyport High School. He is more famous for his acting career, and most of you might also know the fact that he is also the member of the band  "Post Animal." Keery is best known for his acting role as "Steve Harrington" in the American science-fiction horror series, "Stranger Things." Apart from his professional life, he is known to have a very adorable family life which makes him happy all around.