Josh Reddick Secretly Married? The Baseball Star Choosing Career Over The Hassle Of Dating Someone?

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Josh Reddick Secretly Married? The Baseball Star Choosing Career Over The Hassle Of Dating Someone?

Confused in prioritizing your professional and personal lives? Then you need to look at the life of an American professional baseball player, Josh Reddick.

The thirty-year old player, Josh has discovered an amazing way of balancing the things, and it's pretty simple to learn. He just keeps himself away from the hassle of dating and maintains his personal life stable enough.

Moreover, he consequently gets to apply his engrossment in his baseball career. Sounds easy right?

Some may even opine the player to have secretly married, for, he hasn't indulged himself in the dating affairs. People think he may be keeping a distance from the other ladies to maintain the trust with his unveiled wife.

But, what accuracy does the perception of Josh's concealed marriage have? Let us get to the depth of the matter to find out!

Is Josh Reddick A Married Man?

Josh Reddick not only seems to be a part of MLB, but he also belongs to Bachelor MLB players. Yes, it's true that Josh is still unmarried, as sources are yet to confirm his marital relationship. Most importantly, he hasn't made any confirmation regarding the idea of tying a knot.

However, the personal life of Josh includes some close friends. Besides playing baseball, he loves spending time with his family and friends. He also shares the beautiful moments with his close ones amid the followers through social media.


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The caring son, Josh also posted a picture with his lovely mother to wish her on the Mother's Day this year.


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Moreover, he loves having fun with his adventure lover friend, Jett Elkins and has also shared a picture on Instagram, while the two were enjoying fishing.


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Additionally, Josh doesn't seem to have a girlfriend and no sources have spotted him indulged in any dating affair.

Sound awkward that such a handsome remains single, right?

Josh Reddick's Career In Baseball:

The professional baseball career for Josh began when the Boston Red Sox drafted him in the 17th round of the 2006 MLB draft.

However, he debuted in July 2009 and successfully recorded his first major league home run on August 2, 2009, playing against Brian Bass. At the end of the season, Josh's stats manifested a batting average of .169 with two home runs in 27 matches.

Josh played three seasons for the Boston until the year 2011 and then got traded to Oakland Athletics with Raul Alcantara. He then ended up his tenure with the Oakland on August 1, 2016, being traded to Los Angeles Dodgers.

As of recent, he is on a 4-year contract with Houston Astros on November 17, 2016, which is indeed a contract of $52,000,000 which will make him earn a base salary of $13,000,000 this year.

Caption: Josh's career stats from 2009 till 2017.

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Josh records a batting average of .263 with a slugging percentage of .437 and 108 home runs in the nine-year long tenure of his baseball career.

No wonder he remains on the wish list of various teams!

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Josh Reddick!