Katie Stevens Says Dating Affair With Boyfriend Is Laid-back! Something She Always Wanted

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Katie Stevens Says Dating Affair With Boyfriend Is Laid-back! Something She Always Wanted

Singing is all about the vocals and ranges, and one person who has been nothing sort of singing reputation is Katie Stevens, who made a name for herself with her amazing pitch and ranges in the ninth season of American Idol.

She did not go all the way, but she certainly did make a name for herself. But she then ventured into the acting industry, and she was able to cement her place there was well.

Mega hit series like "Faking It" is enough to show how skilled she is in the acting field as well. But did you know, she has a boyfriend who she feels lucky to be dating?

Worry not if your answer is no, as today, we take a look at the slightly "laid-back" relationship between Katie and her boyfriend.

The Laid-back Yet Beautiful Dating Affair Between Katie Stevens & Her Boyfriend:

Katie Stevens has been dating Boys Like Girls' lead guitarist, Paul DiGiovanni since 2014. 

The two have been dating, but they are not an exclusive couple who do the same thing, and that is what she always wanted to have.

She made it clear in an interview with Cosmopolitan during late 2016 about what she always desired for, is what she has now.

I am now dating someone who gets it, but I remember I was dating someone who was trying to do the same thing as me, and I think it was less about class but more about opportunity, and because I had been given opportunities to audition for things that they wanted to go out for — then that was where egos got in the way. I should want to tell the person that I'm dating cool things that are happening in my life or cool things I get to audition for, cool opportunities, but it was one of those things that I would want to not tell them about it, and that's not how it should be.

She then added,

You want someone who gets it and is in the industry, but at the same time you don't want someone who's going to be envious or have some sort of resentment toward you. So I'm lucky enough now that my boyfriend [Paul DiGiovanni, the lead guitarist for Boys Like Girls] is a musician and he was in a band that toured for eight years, so he gets it — he gets having to travel, he gets having to work long days — but we don't do the same thing. 

That is the thing which helped them blend with one another so well.

Besides the media, Katie loves flaunting her love for her boyfriend on social sites like Instagram as well.


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This Valentine's Day post is a prime example of how special they feel being with one another.


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May their love last forever!

The Family Life of Katie Stevens:

Born on December 8, 1992, in Southbery, Connecticut, Katie Stevens is an actress and a singer, who is known for her participation on American Idol and her roles in hits like "The Bold Type," and "Faking It."

She is the daughter of Mark Stevens, her father, and Clara Francisco, her mother and also has a brother named Ryan. 

She has a tremendous amount of love for her parents, and an example of that was seen, when she shared an adorable snap of her holding hands of her father on the occasion of International Father's Day.


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But hello hello!

She loved her mother equally, as shared a similar sort of collage was shared on her Twitter to wish her mother on the occasion of International Mother's Day.

She certainly has a huge amount of love for her family!