Who is Kayla Maisonet? Her Parents, Support For Ethnicity, Age, Dating Rumors And More

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Who is Kayla Maisonet? Her Parents, Support For Ethnicity, Age, Dating Rumors And More

The young actors, who have honored the entertainment world with their presence, are capable of taking our heart with their mind blowing execution on the screen. The eighteen years old Kayla Maisonet is one of those young actors who have an ability to shine in the film industry.

We must agree on the fact that child actors are no less than any veteran actors regarding acting, though their working background in the showbiz is comparatively less.

We are sure that you are captivated by many such actors, but have less knowledge about their life off-screen. In this circumstances, let us help you to know more about Kayla Maisonet.

Get With Kayla’s Age, Ethnicity, and Parents:

Kayla was born on June 20, 1999, to father Angelo Maisonet and mother, Amanda Maisonet. If you follow Kayla on different social networking sites, we don’t think that you will be surprised if we’ll tell you that she is blessed with lovely family members.

Talking about her siblings, she has an older brother named Jay Maisonet. Here is an Instagram picture of Kayla’s mother, which features Kayla, her father, and brother.


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Kayla shares a beautiful relationship with her parents. But do you know that she is highly grateful for their support as well?

On the occasion of thanks giving in November 2016, Kayla shared an image of her parents where she wrote-

“So thankful for my parents this thanksgiving.. You are my ?????????? #TBT to before they had me and were killing it #90s #NYC #UpperEast meets #Chelsea”


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On June 2017, on the occasion of Father’s Day, Amanda shared a picture of her husband with baby Kayla and baby Jay and wished him “Happy Father’s Day.” She captioned the image as-

“Happy Father's Day to the freakin coolest dad around. You look exactly the same tho, not fair. Love you Ang!!! ????????????”


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It also resembles that Kayla and Jay share a beautiful bond as a brother and sister. If you go through each of their social media accounts, you will see them flaunting their love for each other.

Here are an Instagram image by Kayla and Jay, where they have wished each other “Happy Birthday” with the cutest pictures and caption.


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Kayla Talks About Her Ethnicity:

Last year in October, Kayla opened up about her ethnicity through Instagram while she raised awareness for bullying prevention. She revealed that she is bi-racial and loves her signature curly hair.

Furthermore, she said that she would never straighten it as it’s her biggest trademark.


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Later, in an interview in November, Kayla opened up more about her experiences being bi-racial. She explained-

"Bullying is such a tragic thing that happens all the time, and I’ve been a victim of it. I think being bi-racial has probably had a lot to do with [the bullying]. I don’t look like everybody else. I don’t know. I have this big unique trademark [the hair] and I think people tend to comment on it a lot, and it’s something I can’t control. I was just born like that."

Kayla then added how it’s great to be bisexual in industry-

"Lately working in this industry, I think that it’s a great time to be biracial, have an ethnicity, because I think that’s what people want to see, because there hasn’t been a lot of that on TV and film. I think it’s a great time to embrace your curls, or embrace your ethnicity if you’re biracial like me. I think it’s working in our favor right now."

Is Involved Or Bind In Any Dating Affairs?

Though Kayla hasn’t officially confirmed her relationship status, she was rumored to be dating Disney star, Nathaniel Potvin. According to a source, Kayla has been hanging out with Potvin since her 18th birthday bash. 

If you stalk their official Instagram account, you must have seen their cute pictures on the story.

Do you know that Kayla and Potvin stepped out together at the Descendents 2 premiere?

Just Jared Jr. confirms that they made their relationship official with a red carpet debut. Kayla’s boyfriend Potvin later shared an image of them on Instagram with a caption-

“We had so much fun at the Descendants 2 Premiere. Thanks @disneychannel”


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Talking about Kayla’s professional career, she became active in the industry since 2011. However, she began appearing in national commercials since a very young.

Kayla, who began dancing at the age of eight, has also appeared in a national Verizon holiday commercial.

Though Kayla hasn’t appeared in any movies yet, she has worked in different television series and is popular for appearing in Dog with a Blog (2012-2015), The Haunted Hathaways (2013), and Mulaney (2015).

Caption: Stuck In The Middle's Jenna Ortega, Kayla Maisonet, And Ronni Hawk Interview. (Published on Mar 18, 2016)

Currently, she can be seen in Stuck in the Middle, where she portrays the lead character of Georgie Diaz. The cute Ariana Greenblatt also appears in the show, where she portrays the character of Daphne Diaz.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Kayla Maisonet!