Kylie Bunbury Has a Boyfriend! Her Instagram Hints a Dating Affair

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Kylie Bunbury Has a Boyfriend! Her Instagram Hints a Dating Affair

With many popular shows on television right now, it is difficult for an actor to stand out. However, there are a few individuals who have accomplished this height. Among them is the Pitch star, Kylie Bunbury.

Her lead role in the drama series has provided this talented actress with a platform to influence people of any age, race, or gender. Bunbury is, therefore, not only highly compelling to watch on screen but rather an inspiring figure as well.

Her growing fan base has shown interest in her dating affair, but does she have a boyfriend? If you're excited to know the reality, scroll down!

Kylie Bunbury's Real-life Partner

A Canadian-American actress, Kylie Bunbury, is best known for her performance in ABC Family's Twisted and Fox's Pitch. She is seen involved in many romantic scenes with different actors on the set. Likewise, she has shared a steamy scene with her co-star and longtime friend Avan Jogia in the series Tut.

Bunbury and Jogia also co-starred in the ABC family drama, Twisted, in 2014, and they have mutually agreed to accept each other as "bros." Though their platonic relationship put them at ease while working together, a moment of awkwardness ensued when the time came for an on-screen romp in the sheets.

Aside from her reel life romance, she has not disclosed any information about her dating affair in her real life. But her activity on social media has hinted the presence of loved ones in her life.

On a tweet back in February 2012, she hinted that she implied the existence of a sweetheart.

That must have been one romantic Valentine's date!

Recently, however, Kylie Bunbury, a model-turned-actress, posted a photo of her looking serene in the arms of another guy on Instagram. It's worth noting that Jon-Ryan, the guy in the picture, has commented: "My forever girl." We can only reach one conclusion based on the post—perhaps he is the boyfriend of Kylie Bunbury.


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If you think about it, the adorable picture and the caption and the comment, they're all screaming that they're in love. Besides, they look so cute together that we'd totally ship them! However, she hasn't talked about this matter in public yet.   

Kylie Burban's Short Bio

Kylie Burban was born on January 30, 1989, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to parents with the background of diverse ethnicity. Her father is a Guyanese-Canadian, while her mother is a part-Polish and part-Swedish. She has two younger brothers: Teal and Logan.

Before her pathway of career took the turn of acting, Bunbury had a slightly different job. She worked as a model and later turned to acting, beginning with shows like Days of Our Lives, Prom, and The Sitter.

While working on the popular series, Under the Dome, in 2015, Bunbury's net worth was estimated to be around $300,000. 

Impressively, Kylie is the first female pitcher in the series Pitch. It wasn't an easy journey for her as she had to go through a lot of training. She explained,

“I definitely had to live like a pro athlete, so I am doing like epsom salt baths, I’m icing myself, eating well, and the biggest thing is the workout. I was boxing as well. Three to four days a week I was boxing, three or four days a week I was pitching …. Real deal over here.”

Although her current net worth is not revealed, taking a lead role in the highly acclaimed series Pitch must have certainly boosted it a great deal.