A Look At Fiona Shaw's Personal Life; Ended Married Life With Husband To Come Clean About Lesbian Sexuality

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A Look At Fiona Shaw's Personal Life; Ended Married Life With Husband To Come Clean About Lesbian Sexuality

The end isn't always bad. Sometimes, it brings out new possibilities that allow you to see a better perspective in life. 

Discovering her true sexuality late in life and calling an end with her husband, Fiona Shawn has been currently leading a life that she really wants. 

But, coming out wasn't easy for Fiona, as she has been having a hard time conveying lessons about gender orientation to her two kids, who was raised by two queer parents.

After both Fiona and her husband came out as gay to their children, it didn't make their lives any easier. Read more to find out the details!

Fiona Once Married To Partner: Comes Out As A Lesbian!

Fiona Shaw came out as a lesbian in 2005, and this marked the end of her married life with her husband.

The pair, who were tied with an eternal bond of marriage, embraced their true identity after the end of their wedding. The duo who were madly in love with each other moved ahead in lives with different partners of the same sex.

Their marriage just became a medium to unleash their truer sexuality which helped them both to know who they really loved.

The pair who have been happily married with two children ended their ties after discovering their true sexual identity and both started dating a same-sex partner after that.

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Going down the memory lane, in an interview in 2012 Fiona Shaw and her daughters expressed their feelings where she stated,

"The break up of my marriage and my coming out seven years ago happened when my children were just into secondary school. None of this came out of the blue – but for my children this was the first time their parents had spoken about anything they might have sensed or guessed at. They had to take on explicitly these two different, but connected, things at the same moment."

Moreover, Fiona added,

"During that time, I knew the hardest thing for my daughters was the fact of their parents splitting up, rather than us both having same-sex partners. It was a terrible time for every- one: for their father, for me, and for them. But there was another dimension to what I was telling them that most children whose parents split up don't have to deal with. I was aware that at the moment that I struggled to step out of a closet, I might be building one for them."

Furthermore, Fiona also revealed that in her personal life her priority was her partner Karen and her daughters. She said,

"I was keen to be honest with mine about the person I was close to. So I was explicit about my partner Karen being important to me from the start. But I didn't want to make their lives more difficult than they had to be, and for quite a time Karen and I were discreet about our relationship. I also spoke to their schools about this, because I was concerned that they didn't get bullied about it."

 And for her two daughters, Eliza at 14 and Jess at 12 who were already dealing with their parent’s divorce; their parent's sexual preferences came as a surprise.

Eliza initially felt ashamed and terrified, and it took time to realize and acknowledge the new sexual identity of her parents, and she said,

"The idea of my parents having a sexual identity outside of the assumed familial form felt humiliating for me, aged 14, and I found my own humiliation very hard to understand or bear. I think one part of me was ashamed and terrified that I might be homophobic, and it took time to realise that that wasn't it – I was terrified of having a family whose shape there was no category to describe."

Furthermore, Eliza prejudiced that people would be judgmental but their reactions surprised her and she said,

"It took a long time for me to talk to my friends about my parents' homosexuality. When I did I found that people were overwhelmingly supportive, and were interested rather than judgmental. We have built up new rituals; with my parents' separate partners but also all together."

Further, Jesse recalled the time when she confessed a slightly non-plussed friend about her mom being in love with her friend and her dad being in love with his friend before their parent split. Moreover, she said,

"Not living with both of my parents was very hard, all the usual divorce drama, but Mum being gay didn't upset me – truth be told, her sexuality was never an issue for me."

Jesse also expressed her hesitation on publically accepting her mother Fiona and her partner Karen stressing about people's reactions but eventually introduced when she realized its importance. And she said,

"Eventually, I ended up doing it on the spur of the moment: I had a group of friends round for pizza, and Mum's partner was in the kitchen, making us the pizza but keeping out of our way, staying out of the picture. When I realised what she was doing, I saw how ridiculous it was that I hadn't told them. I was fine with Mum's sexuality, and so my friends would have to be. I grabbed Karen's hand and introduced her to my friends. It was quite funny, there was a pause, and then they all started introducing themselves very quickly."

Jesse further added and said,

"Nowadays, I try to let people know as soon as possible, to avoid embarrassment for them later, and to see if they're OK with it. Nearly everyone is, and the few that aren't, aren't worth knowing."

Having a hard time communicating her true sexual orientation to her kids, Fiona has finally explained her situation and has now been blissfully living her happy queer life with her partner. No wonder coming out to her kids were more difficult than coming out to her parents. 

A Bried Walk Down Fiona's Personal Life: Who Is Her Current Girlfriend?

Fiona Shaw has had a long collaboration with a renowned British director Deborah Warner since 1995 both on stage and on screen.

Some sources claimed the couple to be dating in 2002, but no further evidence surfaced the media after that.

Deborah Warner (left) with Fiona Shaw (right) at the press meet on March 2013 (Photo: broadway.com)

Actress Fiona Shaw’s long-time companion was actress Saffron Burrows. Fiona and Saffron met during a play in 2002. Saffron was dating British film director Mike Figg that time, but Saffron left him for Fiona.

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And soon as they gained some real media attention after linking up together, the new couple Fiona Shaw and Saffron Burrows, started making headlines after they shared a kiss together in a lesbian relationship play on Jeannette Winterson’s PowerBook.

But however, after their short-lived romance, the couple headed their separate way.

Although they did not make their relationship public, reports claimed that they were partners from 2002 till 2005.

Saffron Burrows (left) with Fiona Shaw (right) makes a first public appearance together in October 2004 (Photo: zimbio.com)

However, after Saffron, the Harry Potter star has been leading a single life. She has not left any clues about her current partner and is busy with her latest series Killing Eve.

Few celebrities acknowledged their sexuality at the time when there was no acceptance on this regard, and standing tall Fiona Shaw has set an example for many who wants to come clean about their sexuality.

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And after being the talk of the town with her unacknowledged dating relationship with Deborah Warner and Saffron Burrows, Fiona Shaw is currently single. However, there remains a possibility of her romancing someone keeping her out of the eyes of the paparazzi.