Shark Tank's Lori Greiner Married Life Status With Husband At Age 49; Fruitful Or Futile?

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Shark Tank's Lori Greiner Married Life Status With Husband At Age 49; Fruitful Or Futile?

American entrepreneur Lori Greiner, who came to fame through her appearance on ABC's Shark Tank, has been able to keep her personal life under her nose for her fans.

However, despite her secrecy, her admirers were able to gather insights on her love life. 

It turns out, Lori is married and not only shares the marital bond with her, but her husband is also her shoulder she stands on. Lori, who is at the fame, reached there with the support from her counterpart.

Indeed, she has been lucky when it comes to her personal life and through her talent is an entrepreneur with her own inventions.

Marital Bond With Husband - Reflects?

Lori Greiner, who is most notable through her invention of a plastic earring organizer, lives her personal life in secrecy away from all the hustle of the media. She has made efforts to hide her love life under her nose for her admirers.

But despite her secrecy, her followers have gained few insights on her love life. It has come to light that she has been married and shares a strong bond of support with her husband, Dan Greiner.

Lori, who is at the age of 48, has been sharing such bond with her partner-in-crime for a long time now. Even though the dates when they first met still a mystery, some sources have reported that Lori and Dan first crossed paths at the Lincoln Park Kincaid's. 

The pair had an immediate connection, and since then they have been going strong with their relationship.

However, there aren't many details that have surfaced in the media regarding their love life. Their wedding details are still a mystery to their followers. It is still not known when and where the pair exchanged their wedding vows. 

Lori Greiner with husband Dan Greiner. (Photo:

Lori, so-called “Queen of QVC,” and her other half Dan currently owns two homes combinedly. Lori and Dan both are the owners of their Philly home near their QVC studio and another home in Chicago where her products are shipped.

Well, despite being married for a long time the couple does not yet have children. Moreover, they haven't even revealed any plan on having kids either. It seems like Lori and her husband are much focused on her career than building a family life right now.

Supportive Partner-In-Crime

Lori Greiner, who is an investor on Shark Tank, has had her career on rising since she invented her own plastic jewelry organizer for earrings. Turns out since the beginning of her business Lori had her husband's support on her shoulder as he manages the finance for her.

Prior to joining in business with his wife, Lori, Dan was an assistant controller at the former Bell & Howell Co. After six years into their relationship, Dan quit his job as the assistant controller and assisted Lori in her company For Your Ease Only

Currently, Dan serves as the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of the company. 

Lori sure has been able to make a name for her herself with support from her husband. Among one of her invents through Shark Tank, Lori along with Robert Herjavec invested $150k in Mensch On A Bench which would help reinforce Jewish traditions and values.

Well, Lori sure has been successful in her business as of today with a net worth of $100 million.