Married With No Children, Adam F. Goldberg, On Sharing His Family: Splendid Net Worth of $10 Million

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Married With No Children, Adam F. Goldberg, On Sharing His Family: Splendid Net Worth of $10 Million

Don’t you find the life of Adam Goldberg and his family fascinating? And I don’t mean the Adam Goldberg played by Sean Giambrone in the show, ‘The Goldbergs.' I mean the real Adam F. Goldberg on whom the show is actually based. Learn about Goldberg’s reaction when he had to share his family to the world. Also find out if he is married and his net worth.

Caption: Sean Giambrone as Adam Goldberg on the left and the childhood photo of real Adam Goldberg on the right


His Feelings on Sharing his Family:

An article in ‘Parade’ has reported Adam Goldberg’s views on writing a comedy based on his own family. Adam Goldberg has written and co-produced many films, series, and plays but never in 100 years would he have seen this coming. It started about a decade ago when he was randomly showing some of these videos to Producer, Doug Robinson. He liked them and said, “We’ll do this show when you’re ready.” and later he showed it to a bunch in ABC.

Caption: The Goldbergs - Adam F. Goldberg on How His Real Family Compares to the TV Version

Source: The Paley Centre for Media

Even when he had all the needed approval for the show, he felt really awkward initially to develop the series. Was he ready to share his family with the world? He really wasn’t so he decide to make some alterations to the show. He changed the name of the show too, ‘The Silvers’. He also replaced his brother, Eric, in real life with the character ‘Erica’ who is the elder sister of Adam in the series. But eventually "The Goldbergs', the original name, was considered the best.

Caption: (on the left) on-screen Goldberg family and (on the right) the real Goldberg Family

They have tried to come up with the nearest possible presentation of real-life Goldbergs through the show. They have even included the real objects from Adam’s childhood and shown a glimpse from the real videos on which the series is based. They even contacted the children in Adam’s life to star them as adult characters on the show. But still, a suburban family isn’t that exciting as well, so certain hypothetical activities are also included. Some episodes are also based on the lives of other writers.

What about his Present Life?

No story has been written focusing on the personal life of Adam Goldberg except the parts related to the show. His Wikipedia page states that his wife’s name is Sarah Goldberg, but it's yet to be verified

However an article in ‘Jewishjournal’ has mentioned his wife is of Irish-Catholic descent. He had also stated in an article in ‘Hollywoodvshistory’ that he met his wife in a summer theatre program for high school students at Northwestern University when he was 16.So, he is married to his high-school sweetheart. It also states that she is a therapist.

Net Worth:

Adam is a very talented figure in the industry. Maybe this is the reason he has a staggering net worth of 10 million dollars.

Adam has co-produced movies like ‘Daddy Day Camp’, ‘The Comebacks’ and the series like ‘Still Standing’. He is best known for his career as a writer. He has worked on big projects like the script of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, ‘Monsters Vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space’, ‘Aliens in the Attic’ and many other movies. He has also written many plays but the most successful have been the 2011 FOX series, ‘Breaking In’ and ‘The Goldbergs.'

Adam F.Goldbeg was born on April 2, 1976, in Philadelphia, PA, United States. He graduated from the William Penn Charter on 1994. At the age of 19, he had already written 50 plays. The most recent update related to him was that Jenna Elfman would be starring in the pilot of his new untitled comedy series.