Michael Angarano Married, Has Wife? Personal Life So Far

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Michael Angarano Married, Has Wife? Personal Life So Far

Who would not want to know about the love story and if it's related to your favorite famous figure, things might get even more interesting.  

So, why don't we talk about the love life of the famous actor, Michael Angarano, who has already garnered massive success from his acting talents alone? It's not only his movies that sizzle the audience's hearts but also the dating life of the actor. Michael is known for dating Hollywood's beautiful actresses but does the dating affairs ever led him to marriage? 

Let's uncover the details today!

Michael Angarano Married?

Michael Angarano’s talents and abilities need no introduction, and to some extent, the same goes for his dating life. Michael has the dating life’s history dating back to 2004 when he was just the age of 17 years at the time. He was dating beautiful actress Kristen Stewart and the duo’s dating period lived for four years until they parted ways in 2008.

Michael Angarano with former girlfriend, Kristen Stewart (Photo: Zimbio)

Following the split, Michael had the dating gap of three years, where he was not linked with anyone who was rumored as his “girlfriend.” The scenario changed in January 2010 when he lived a short romance with another beautiful actress, Alia Shawkat. His second romance lived till 2011 after the couple parted their ways in November.

Soon, in 2012, Michael was again in the top of headlines for his new dating affairs. The actor began garnering the media’s attention as he started dating another actress, Juno Temple. The actor, who had the history of dating Hollywood actresses, took the dating period to four years of time starting from the initial meeting on the set of “The Brass Teapot” until the duo called it quits in 2016.

Michael, with then-girlfriend, Juno Temple (Photo: zimbio)

Despite having a series of relationship in the past, as of now, Michael seems to be possibly single since his last relationship. Supposedly, there is no one on the horizon of Michael Angarano's dating scene. Moreover, no new lady is even rumored as Michael’s girlfriend.

Considering the current scenario, Michael seems to have no wife, as there are no signs that can reflect Michael’s married life. Also, his previous relationships failed before he could turn his girlfriends to wife.

However, the possibility of Michael enjoying a secret dating affair or even a married life away from the limelight exists too. As of now, we need to wait until Michael comes forth shedding lights on his relationship status. But one thing is for sure, that the actor’s relationships have answered just right to the gay rumors that swirled for Michael. 

Aside from love life of Michael, he is currently gearing for his upcoming action comedy movie 'Gringo(2018)' and TV series 'Mom.' Furthermore, Michael, who has multiple acting credits to his name including, 'Sky High,' 'The Forbidden Kingdom,' 'Almost Famous,' has gathered immense fame followed by rewarding net worth, which is yet to get revealed in numbers.