Is Michael K. Williams Dating Sanaa Lathan? Know About The Wire's Gay Character's Girlfriend

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Is Michael K. Williams Dating Sanaa Lathan? Know About The Wire's Gay Character's Girlfriend

TMZ has done it again, poking into the unwanted personal parts of celebs life to bring us raw footage of shocking news. This time it in ‘The Wire’ star Michael K. Williams who as seen with a particular female friend. Know who she is and also learn about the star’s gay character in ‘The Wire.'

Girlfriend and Dating?

Michael K. Williams may be dating ‘The Perfect Guy’ actress, Sanaa Lathan. The TMZ was randomly following and questioning Williams just outside of ‘Playboy’ club where Chris Brown’s official "One Hell Of A Nite" tour wrap up party was also happening when suddenly a car pulled up t his side. As he graciously held the door open for his companion. It surprisingly turned out to be Sanaa.

Caption: Michael K. Williams was seen with Sanaa while French Montana attends another party nearby(2015)

It could be just a friendly pair-up, instead of a girlfriend-boyfriend situation but what about Sanaa’ confirming her return to the dating scene.  Even Williams is neither married nor has a wife, and they look very adorable together.

Caption: A photo Sanaa uploaded on Instagram later


The Gay Character:

Williams may be dating Sanaa, but it is different on his show as his character is Omar Little, a notorious and sometimes violent character but sensitive and shy from the inside. He portrays a low-life thug in the movies with certain traits that separate him from a common thug.

For one he is gay, and the other is that he follows certain moral ethics like not using profanity or harming innocent lives. He has said in many interviews of how he likes his character in a sense that it is similar to him.

Maybe that is the reason he got the role in a single audition. The original script of the series "The Wire" also had Omar Little for only 7 episode, but he became such a liked character that he became one of the lead roles in the series. Williams is known for portraying similar characters with a criminal background.

Michael K. Williams's Short Bio:

Michael K. Williams was born on November 22, 1996, in Brooklyn, New York, US. He attended the George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School and after running into some trouble into his youth, he also went to the National Black Theatre.

He has an estimated net worth of about 1.5 million dollars. Recently, news came on August 7 that he could probably be cast as ‘Black Manta’ in the upcoming DC movie.