Michael Symon: New York Restaurants Lover; Married to Liz, Spends Downtime With Wife

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Michael Symon: New York Restaurants Lover; Married to Liz, Spends Downtime With Wife

Every girl will love to have a husband who will cook delicious food for her. Today, we are talking about an award winning chef whose wife feels immensely lucky because he often gives her a day off and feeds yummy items.

"I cook every holiday and at least once a week. It's truly mind-numbing that there could be chefs that don't cook on their day off,"

Michael loves to cook pasta and lasagna for his lovely wife, Liz Symon, and son.

An Affair that had ignited in Kitchen!

"You Cook Together, You Stay Together"

- Michael Symon

Michael Symon married Liz Symon about twenty-two years ago. Liz was the collaborator on his restaurant before marriage. It took about five years for him to convince her to go on a date. Michael has shared about their relationship in an interview with goodhousekeeping.com. He said

,“When I first met Liz, she was one of my favorite people to be around, and she still is”

“Although we spend a lot of time together, we also give each other the space to have our own identities”

Caption: Michael talking about his relationship with Liz before marriage and now

Michael has been very supportive towards his wife. Perhaps, it is the reason why their relationship is still adamant. He believes that both the husband and wife should be co-operative and share their experiences  in order to maintain a healthy relationship .


no matter how much @sonsofanarchy u watch together it is never a good idea to call ur wife a old lady!!

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When Michael married Liz, she already had a two-year-old son, Kyle. He is now grown up and is pursuing a career as a musician. Michael considers him as his own child and talks about him in his interviews. He ha said,

"When he was younger, my wife, Liz, and I wanted to make sure we had dinner with him every night,"

 Michael also owns two dogs; an old English bulldog named Ozzy and a bull mastiff named Ruby. Michael and Liz both are very compassionate towards the dogs. Ruby and Ozzy have now become the inseparable part of the family.


cmon lets walk!!...what up syd b

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His Love for New York restaurants:

His TV Chef Profession and passion for cooking have made him travel to different cities and experience new tastes and styles of eating. However, his favorite spots for eating out are New York, Philadelphia, and Cleveland. Moreover, most of his favorite restaurants are in New York City, such as Mesa Grill, Ed's Lobster, Dirty Bird and Barbuto.

His inspiration:

When he was a small boy,  he used to spend time cooking with his mother at his house kitchen. He was always inspired by the recipes his mother made for him. 

He often cooks the pasta for his family using his mother’s recipe now. He has said:

“I take it serious, but cooking, to me, also should be fun. I grew up with a Greek and Sicilian mother.  We were always around the dinner table. I tell people, ‘I had a Greek/Sicilian mother.  We sat down for dinner, we laughed, cried and got yelled at, and that was all the same emotion’ (laughs).  Food has always been my fun zone, my happy place.  It always has to be that for me or I don’t want to do it.”

Born on September 19, 1969, Michael Symon is the alumni of Culinary Institute of America. He is the winner of James Beard Foundation Award. He currently works on Food Network for shows like Iron Chef America, Food Feuds and The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

He is also seen on Cooking Channel's Cook Like an Iron Chef and ABC’s The Chew. He has contributed many writings for periodicals like Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Saveur, O The Opran Magazine and Esquire. Michael enjoys a heavy net worth of $ 4 million (estimated).