Michelle Wie Secretly Announced Boyfriend, No One Noticed; Earnings, Net Worth & More

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Michelle Wie Secretly Announced Boyfriend, No One Noticed; Earnings, Net Worth & More

Professional golfer Michelle Wie is one of the few ladies who has made a remarkable impact in golf. Starting at a young age, she has created an identity as an accomplished sportsperson.

Although she has conquered the sport and enjoys a successful career, it seems like Michelle doesn't have much luck when it comes to her dating life. Michelle's personal life has been surrounded by rumors, and even though one of them turned to be true, there are still doubts about the rest of her relationships.

Rumored Boyfriends, One Turned Out To Be True

Michelle was supposedly dating 7’0″ tall former basketball player, Robin Lopez back in 2008. The news surfaced in the media after Sports Illustrated revealed the story of the two sportspersons being involved in a romantic relationship. Michelle, who was 18 at the time when the speculations surfaced, has never affirmed to the affair. 

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Nearly eight years after the incident, Michelle's name got linked to another basketball star, Adam Zahn.

Michelle Wie hangs out with the basketball player, Adam Zahn (Photo: GolfSpelledBackwards.com)

The rumors started in July 2016 when the 28-year-old professional golfer shared a picture of the two hanging out together.

Fans took the photo as Michelle's announcement of her romance with Adam. Golf Spelled Backwards magazine revealed that the two were indeed dating for more than two years. The blog further mentioned that the relationship was confirmed by Adam's mother in October 2014 citing a comment posted by her in a friend's blog.

"Adam our middle is dating Michelle Wie – the golfer ... she will be joining us for Christmas this year!"

However, sometime after Michelle and Adam's portrait surfaced in the media, the couple supposedly broke up, and she even deleted the earlier shared picture.

Later, Michelle was linked to another affair and this time with ex-boyfriend Robin's brother, Brook Lopez. Even though, neither Michelle nor Brook has commented on their alleged romance; fans speculate that the pair might soon get married and start a family as husband and wife.

Michelle, who insists on keeping her personal life low-key, is rarely seen talking about her dating profile. Most of her alleged boyfriends might supposedly be the paparazzi spreading false rumors. And, also those blogs are not entirely authentic. So, if there is one person who can confirm her dating life, is Michelle herself.

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As the professional golfer, Laura Baugh previously revealed that there were a few gay women in golf without mentioning any name; however, Michelle might not fall into the category of gay as she has reportedly dated a couple of men.

Career And Net Worth; Earnings

Michelle, who learned golf at the age of four, has never had to think of an alternate career since her early age. She took part in a USGA tournament at the age of 10 and became the youngest woman to play against men in a PGA Tour event when she was just fourteen years old. The daughter of South Korean natives, Michelle won her first LPGA win in 2010 and became victorious at the 2014 U.S. Women's Open, which was her first major tournament win. 

During her long-running career as a golfer, Michelle has accumulated a massive net worth of $12 million. Further, she has also garnered career earnings of $6,781,224 with her income of $489,079 in 2018. 

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Michelle, who is often prone to injuries, is set to miss the upcoming round of the now ongoing Women's British Open. She revealed her wrist injury as the reason for her withdrawal from the tournament. Michelle issued a statement where she mentioned that she needed to take some time off to nurture her health and recover her fitness. 

"I have been doing everything humanly possible (besides giving it proper rest) this past couple of weeks to get my hand healthy enough to play this event, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough."

The 1.85 meters tall golfer expressed that she will soon be making her comeback and will not disappoint her fans. Before she announced her withdrawal from the ongoing tournament, Michelle was at the bottom of the leaderboard below seven other participants.

Michelle is having a tough time this year because of her health and poor performance. She also couldn't perform well last month when she played in Scotland.