Mid-Eastern Ethnicity Actress Joumana Kidd: Divorced with her Husband in 2007, Is she Dating Someone?

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Mid-Eastern Ethnicity Actress Joumana Kidd: Divorced with her Husband in 2007, Is she Dating Someone?

If you are a celebrity, it’s obvious to have well-wishers and haters. It’s completely your choice to publicize or not to publicize your personal matter, but there are many of your fans who love to be with you in your good and bad times. They would surely like to know your personal life, love, and affairs.

Today we are going to talk about actress and journalist Joumana Kidd. If you know retired NBA basketball star Jason Kidd then you must have known Joumana. She is the former wife of Jason.

Let’s talk about their Married Life, Husband, and Children:

As we have already mentioned that Jason Kidd is Joumana’s former husband you might have learned that their relationship ended with a divorce. Well, they got married in the year 1997 after dating each other for one month. They have three children; twin daughter Miah and Jazelle born on September 26, 2002, and son Trey Jason (T.J.) born on October 12, 1998.

Their relationship ended in a messy divorce. In the year 2007, Jason filed for a divorce from Joumana claiming that she was emotionally unstable. He also said that Joumana installed tracking devices in his car. Whereas Joumana alleged that Jason is engaged in extramarital affairs and used to beat her. In the year 2001, Jason Kidd was arrested for punching Joumana in the mouth.

Caption: Joumana Kidd with her former husband, Jason Kidd with their 3-year-old son Trey Jason (T.J.) and 3-month-old twin daughters Miah and Jazelle (Nov 2001)

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Is Joumana has a Boyfriend, Dating?

Mother of three, Joumana has been keeping her personal life very private. She has not revealed any information about her present affair. We can’t assume her to be in a relationship neither we can say her to be in a relationship. But in the year 2007, Joumana was found dating Tyler Evans. Likewise, Jeremy Shockey was also said to be her boyfriend in 2007. But we have no pieces of information whether they are still together or not.

Caption:  Jeremy Shockey(left) and Tyler Evans(right)

Joumana Kidd's Short Bio:

Sensationally gorgeous Joumana Marie Kidd was born on September 28, 1972, in Foster City, California. Born with Mid-Eastern Ethnicity Joumana attended San Francisco State University from where she received a BS Degree in Communications.

She is best known for appearing in Xtreme Sports Mashups (2009), Vamp U (2011), and Wow (2013). She was last seen in Breaking Bread (TV Series)  in 2015.