Model Lorraine Pascale: Divorced Her Husband in 2000, But What About Her Daughter? Boyfriend?

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Model Lorraine Pascale: Divorced Her Husband in 2000, But What About Her Daughter? Boyfriend?

It is always hard for a single parent to raise a child. They have to play the role of both father and mother, and also, of a friend too. We heard that Lorraine Pascale has somewhat a similar story. She just did not bear the struggle of separation just once but faced it twice. Let’s know more about it.

Caption: Lorraine Pascale's daughter Ella Balinska.


Lorraine Pascale had married a Polish musician called Count Kaz Balinski-Jundzill in 1995.

However, Lorraine has decided to disclose any further information about her then-husband. The couple got a divorce in 2000. They were blessed with a daughter after a year of their marriage.

The former model has a 1996 born daughter named Ella Balinska, who has already established herself as an actor and writer. Ella spends most of her time in Ireland, where her father also lives. The father and daughter are pretty close. Count Kaz was the one who taught Ella to drive and ride a motorcycle.

Lorraine's Story:

Lorraine was in her 20s when she got married. Lorraine sees marrying at such a young age as a gamble, but she is also glad that she had a child when she was young. With The Guardian in 2011, she said:

“I got married in my early 20s and then a year or two later had my daughter. I have a very close relationship with Ella, who is 14 now. I'm really happy that I had a child young. It's a nice way of doing it. It's unfortunate that my marriage didn't work out but I suppose getting married very young is a bit of a gamble."

She continued:

“I've followed up on my mother's principles of being honest and it's going well. And because of my own start in life, I've tried to make Ella's upbringing as stable as possible. Her father is still involved in her life. He lives in Ireland and she spends time with him, too, so they are very close.”

What about her Boyfriend? Married?

After a long time, Lorraine found love with a music and film executive, Ged Doherty,  her longtime boyfriend who turned into her fiancé. The couple met for the first time in 2009 at London's Claridge's Hotel through their mutual friends. Soon enough, Lorraine introduced Ged to her teenage daughter who was 13 years old at that time. The couple dated for a long time, but unfortunately, their relationship ultimately went down.

Caption: Lorraine Pascale (corner left) with her then husband Ged Doherty (corner right).


Before their split, the former chairperson, and chief executive of the Sony Music, Ged, had offered Lorraine to move with him to Los Angeles.Sadly for Ged, she declined the offer, and they separated.

Lorraine was at the peak of her career in Londen, so she could not take such a big move. An insider told The Guardian that Ged wanted to give their relation a new path marrying her, but it could not happen.The insider also said,

‘Ged is devastated about the break-up, but Lorraine just didn’t feel the timing was right. They’re both very cut up over it.’

Lorraine Pascale’s Short Bio:

Lorraine Pascale was born on November 17, 1972, (age 43 years old), in England, UK. She was fostered shortly after she was born. She was later adopted at the age of 18 months old by a white family in Oxfordshire.

Later, she stayed with her mother when her adoptive parents got divorced.  Lorraine became ill when she was seven years old and again went to foster care. Eventually, she went to her mother.

Although Lorraine knows who her biological parents are, she does not wish to get in contact with them. At the age of 16, Naomi Campbell founder spotted her modeling. She is also the first black British model to be on the cover of American Elle.

In 2005, she took a diploma in a cookery course at Leith’s School of Food and Wine. She later joined the Culinary Arts at Thames Valley University and graduated with a first class degree in 2012. Even before graduating, Lorraine started presenting a bakery television program in 2011.

She also had her own bakery, which she operated for about five years. Apart from modeling and cooking, Lorraine did interior design, car mechanics, hypnosis and other works.

She has been hosting her own TV show on the BBC Channel called "Baking Made Easy" since 2011.