Awesome Musician Chris Isaak: Neither Married Nor Dating Anyone, Takes Music As His Metaphorical Wife?

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Awesome Musician Chris Isaak: Neither Married Nor Dating Anyone, Takes Music As His Metaphorical Wife?

When you hear the “Wicked Game” song even in the era of 2016, you still give a rock and roll dance move with few more of flamboyant goofy dance steps in it. Yes, the super hit song released by the musician Chris Isaak has been an evergreen song which did not only mark sensation in the 90’s era but is still making the music lover groove for more in the 2000 period.

Despite being a success as a musician, did Chris Isaak make success in his love life or is he so dedicated towards his career that he has made his career a Metaphorical Wife like actresses Patricia Belcher, Cari Champion, and Karen Finney?

Let's know about the dating history, married life and professional life of musician Chris Isaak.

Married? If not, is music his metaphorical Wife?

Even at the age of 60, the musician is still unmarried. At that age, the fan followers expect their idol to get married and have a well-settled family, but such case is not identified in the event of musician Chris Isaak who seems to have given his entire life to his musical career.

In the year 1980, Isaak released his solo album “Silverstone’ which became the most successful commercial hit. Since then he has never turned back but has moved forward in his life as a hit musician. In the year 1985, he released his debut album ‘Silverstone’ while his self-titled album “Chris Isaak “(1987) obtained a certified gold in the USA.

The album became a hit around the world. After gaining success in the musical field, he tried his hand in acting where in the year 1988 he got a small role in the comedy Married to the Mob. Similarly, in the year 1989, his third album Heart Shaped World (1989) excelled the pop music chart.

The musician has kept himself so engrossed to his work that he seems to have not followed a single minute of free time for his personal activities. He gave a hand in his acting skills in movies like Little Budhha(1993), That Thing You Do(1996) and The Informers (2008).

In the year 2011, he received Stockton Arts Commission STAR Award while in the year 2015,  he did a discography “First Comes The Night,” Television series like The Adventure Time( 2015), The X Factor Australia( 2015) and Sheriff Callie's Wild West(2016). The musician was seen giving a live performance in Washington Square on 22nd February 2015.

Caption: Chris Isaak giving a live performance at Washington Square on 22nd February 2015

However, when talking about the fatherhood plans, in an interview posted by on 5th September 2015, he said:

"I have a nephew, a niece, and a great-nephew, and I love them. I’m hoping I can do some favors for them in this life. I don’t have kids of my own – I don’t know if that will ever happen.I like kids and I think about it a lot.The one thing I kind of gave up by traveling my whole life is having a family.When I see people who have a family, I think that’s the best thing you could do.But I’m doing the second best thing: I have a band."

From all the contribution he has given to the entertainment field, he seems to be a man who has fully dedicated his entire life to entertain people.Thus, we can profoundly say that he has made music his girlfriend and his career his wife.

Did he Dating any women in between? 

In the year 1999, Chris Isaak is said to have dated Bai Ling, Chinese Actress. Neither the actress nor Chris has revealed any information about their dating events nor their meeting events.

Caption: Chris Issak spotted with Chinese Actress Bai Ling.

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However, the relationship is said to have lasted for a year and finally broke in the year 2000. Without any concrete reason, the duo is said to have broken up be it a rumor or just a scandal as neither the musician nor the actress spoke anything about the relationship while Bai Ling is reported to be single.

After link up with Bai Ling, it is likely to be said that Chris was associated with Caroline Rhea, a Canadian Actress in the year 2002. Nor the actress nor the musician has spoken anything about their dating events.

Caption: The Canadian Actress, Caroline Rhea linked with Chris Isaak from 2002-2003. 


However, the relationship is said to have broken just after a year, i.e.,2003. Nor Chris nor Caroline has ever spoken about their downfall in their relationship. Maybe to avoid the unwanted attention both the celeb has preferred to keep quiet or maybe they were never in the relationship. Caroline is reported to be single currently.

Is Chris Isaak a Gay?

Despite rumored to be dating with beautiful actress Chris was, later on, acknowledged as gay. On 22nd November 2015,  the radio show Rove and Sam claimed the actor to be gay through a tweet.

However, Chris has not spoken anything about the allegations nor has he denied it. He may be gay, or he may be not. Till date, he has not said anything about the tweet, so there lingers the rumor whether Chris is gay or is straight.

There may be a case that he was straight at first but in the later stage of his life he identified himself as gay. If he is gay, he might be dating any man from the entertainment field or he may be in search for the perfect partner. Till the singer does not officially confirm his status.