Myleene Klass Recreates Lost Love With Boyfriend After Husband's Devastating Bombshell

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Myleene Klass Recreates Lost Love With Boyfriend After Husband's Devastating Bombshell

British professional singer Myleene Klass is one of the famous names of the pop band, Hear'Say, who made a name for herself in modeling and acting too. While she was enjoying her success with her multi-career, she also faced a major shock during her honeymoon period.

Blessed with a family of a husband and children, Myleene lost her marriage after six months of tying the knot. Even though she was blessed with her bundles of joys, her kids, she lacked romance in her life.

During the times, she even believed that she would never find love again. However, as the time passed, she has been blessed with a man who holds her close her heart. 

Husband Walks Out Of Marriage; Divides Her NetWorth 

The Dolls House star followed nearly a decade of relationship before tying the nuptial knot with Graham Quinn. Swept by love, Myleene thought she would spend the rest of her life with Quinn and got married to him in 2011.

Myleene and Graham exchanged the wedding vows in a wedding ceremony among their guests, family and close friends.

Myleene Klass with her ex-husband Graham Quinn on their wedding day in 2011. (Photo: 

The married couple was previously turned into proud parents after they were blessed with children and had a family of their own. Myleene and Graham shared two daughters Ava, now 10 years of age, and Hero, now age seven.

They had a happy family of four until Graham decided to walk out on their marriage. However, after six months of tying the nuptial knot, Graham and Myleene split. The news of the divorce came as a big blow for Myleene on her 34th birthday as she was still on honeymoon period of her marriage.

Graham parted ways with Myleene on early 2012 ending their 10-year relationship came to an end; their divorce was finalized in 2013. She spent her honeymoon periods taking rounds of divorce courts.

The divorce ended with Graham having a chunk of her net worth, which is around $11 million, in his name. In turn, Myleene had her daughter beside her and she would not be the man who broke her heart have around her daughters. 

Adding to it, the fashion entrepreneur Myleene even expressed that she regretted making her former husband joint director of a company she set up to handle her fortune.

Moving On From Past; New Found Dating

The separation left Myleene heartbroken, and she even thought she would never trust any other person and fall in love and smile again, but life had something else planned out for her.

Well, after years of the end of her marital bond, Myleene has struck up a romance with her new beau. She has been romantically involved with public relations guru Simon Motson.

Myleene met Simon in a north London bar back in the autumn of 2015 and sparked an immediate connection. But the duo did not rush into romance and instead took the time to know each other better and built a base for their relationship. 

The pair gradually started dating and are still going strong with their romance. Myleene, who previously thought she would never smile again, has been flashing those curves on her face for a long time now. 

She has been spotted spending blissful moments with her now-boyfriend and two daughters who seem to get along with her lover pretty well. Previously, Myleene even divulged that she is "happier" than ever.

Myleene Klass with boyfriend Simon Motson and daughters Ava and Hero at  London airport in April 2018. (Photo:

Well, Myleene seems to have found love again even after the heartbreak and now has been surrounded by her loved ones including her daughters.