Natasha Bertrand Age & Married Status Revealed, Parents Info & More

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Natasha Bertrand Age & Married Status Revealed, Parents Info & More

In 2017, journalists across the United States rallied in support of Business Insider's political correspondent, Natasha Bertrand after she leaked an e-mail exchange between her and Trump lawyer Ty Cobb.

As per the leaked e-mail, when questioned about the unreleased letter meant to address the firing of FBI director James Comey, Ty retaliated by asking Natasha if she was on drugs.

Since then, the DC native - for the most part - has managed to stray away from the news? Did she, in the meantime, get married? Read along to find out including information on her parents & education background!

Married Life With Husband Or Dating Still?

Gifted with both brain and beauty, it's only right that Natasha - who stands above the 5 feet and 6 inches (170 cm) in height - attracts men with an equally impressive background.

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Her partner Bryan Coxwell, in his rights, is an overachiever. A former US Army veteran - 3rd Batt Ranger, to be more specific - Bryan is an accomplished civil engineer as well as a security contractor.

Lucky for Natasha's male admirers, he is not her husband; not just yet. But, by gazing at the pair's Instagram activities - where they regularly shower each other with love on birthdays etc. - they are likely to get married pretty soon.

Dating since Autumn of 2017, the romance between the Business Insider correspondent, age 26, and her potential husband, Bryan has shown zero signs of cooling off, having spent two consecutive holiday seasons together as an item now.

Natasha spends 2018 Christmas with her husband-prospect, Bryan (Photo:- Natasha Bertrand's Instagram)

Perhaps, all that Natasha - who is of American nationality - and her boyfriend Bryan's relationship needs now is a blessing from the former's parents before embarking on a life-long journey as a married couple.

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Natasha Bertrand Essentials: From Birthday To Salary

Considering how much she prides her independence, Natasha's parents - more likely than not - will respect her choice in a husband.

Natasha (left), who shares a strong bond with both of her parents, drinks margaritas with her mom (right) (Photo:- Natasha Bertrand's Instagram)

To her credit, she is yet to disappoint her parents' faith in her. Look no further than her career choice to understand better. Based on DC, Natasha - who makes a comfortable six-figure sum in salary - currently serves as a contributor for NBC News, a position she has held since March 2018.

Now a staff writer at The Atlantic, she previously worked for a political think tank in Madrid, Spain and as the CSR intern with IPIECA before leaving for Business Insider (Feb 2016 - present)

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Before her high-profile internship, the 26-year-old journalist, who celebrates her birthday on 12th May, honed her skills during her time at The London School of Economics & Political Science as a government & philosophy. For her bachelor education in political science and philosophy, she attended Vassar College.