'Insecure' Actress Natasha Rothwell Bio: Age, Weight Loss, Husband Talks & Facts

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Dive into Natasha's social media, you may find the actress as a married woman. As her 2013's May tweet suggests, she is a married ..........Also, she posted a tweet claiming ......... as her boyfriend........ Safe to assume Natasha’s future husband ought to be ...........
'Insecure' Actress Natasha Rothwell Bio: Age, Weight Loss, Husband Talks & Facts

To say that the American actress Natasha Rothwell has had an amazing calendar year in 2018 might be a little far for her achievements both, as a writer and as an actress has been impeccable ever since.

But, 2018, indeed, solidified her Hollywood actress status with the upcoming movies Love, Simon and Insecure.

While on a different spectrum, social media has playing factor of solidifying the Wichita native's marital status. From claiming British actor as her boyfriend to being a married woman, her tweet has covered it all!

2018 may have more to offer than just Natasha Rothwell's movies!

Married CPA Woman In Tax Season; British Actor As Boyfriend

Dive into Natasha's social media, you may find the actress as a married woman. As her 2013's May tweet suggests, she is a married Certified Public Accountant, just for tax season.

Surprisingly enough, her character on Insecure is a Certified Public Accountant too. However, it wasn't until the airing of episode seven of season three of Insecure in September 2018, that the viewers were informed about her on-screen persona's profession.

While the actress' humor in husband tweet poses whether she might have one in real life, she dropped another tweet of such sort. In May 2013, she sent out a tweet declaring that she might meet her husband on Deal or No Deal.

And the Wild 'n Out star gave a name to her husband mystery only on January 2016. She posted a tweet claiming British actor Idris Elba as her boyfriend. 

Husband Material:- Natasha declares British actor Idris Elba as her boyfriend in a tweet dated back to 1 January 2016 (Photo:- Natasha Rothwell's Twitter)

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? 

However, the Wichita native, in fact, is neither married nor does she have a man to call her husband.

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Her humorous husband tweet only points out that Natasha, age 37, is a real-life comic at heart -- nothing embodies this more than her self-deprecating tweets which poke fun at her singlehood.

Weight Loss Story: "No! Too Black, Too Fat."

On 9 October 2016, HBO aired Insecure with Issa Rae at its helm as the showrunner and lead while Natasha played second fiddle with the role of story editor/writer and a supporting act on the show.

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The second season of Insecure didn’t only see her get promoted to a regular season act but also witnessed her go through an astounding weight loss transformation. Upon the premiere of the second season, the fans of the TV series took to their social media to show their appreciation.

Fan Love:- Tee Brown, a fan of the show Insecure congratulates Natasha on her weight loss from season 1 to season 2 (Photo:- Tee Brown Media's Twitter)

Crediting the University of Virginia alum’s “Glo Up” - as an attempt to adhere to standards set by the entertainment industry - however, would be an utter lie, if you let Natasha tell it.

Speaking to the Complex reporter Shammara Lawrence in March of 2018, Natasha asserted that she looks for roles that celebrate a plus-size, fat-loving and body positive feminist. Further delving into her personal experience with fat-shaming, she shared:

"There's no specific story where someone looked at me and said, "No! Too black, too fat." No one's had the gall to say that to my face."

Safe to assume Natasha’s future husband ought to be a staunch feminist like her.

"Insecure" Star: Family & Career  

Born on 18 October 1980 in Wichita, Kansas, Natasha has her own story to tell before she claimed the fame on her own!

Along with her three siblings she grew up as military dependents and traveled extensively all in her childhood. Because of her parents' allegiance to the military, Natasha and her family were constantly on the run; living in places such as Albuquerque, Florida, New Jersey and Turkey.

Extensive traveling turned up good for her, especially for her writing-- much of what she writes today is fueled by her experience derived from her assimilation into idiosyncratic cultures and communities.

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The Wichita native first started creating a buzz circa late 2000’s as her stand-ups began to gain unprecedented traction. Pretty soon, big TV networks would come knocking at her doorstep.

Most recently, she appeared on the Late Night With Seth Myres where she recounted an incident that had occurred at the 45th anniversary of SNL. She had apparently run into a host of A-List celebrities including late great Prince, Beatles' Paul McCartney, Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z.

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Befuddled by the whole experience, she summarized the incident as:

Do I have a nosebleed? Did I stress fart? What is going on?

Fans of the show, Insecure quickly latched on to her statement and began to speculate that Natasha's experience might have been the inspiration behind the latest episode of the hit HBO series.

The 7th episode of season 3 of Insecure features Natasha's character getting tasered by security as she and her friends (Molly played by Yvonne Orji and Tiffany played by Amanda Seales) try to sneak into Beyonce's concert.