Does Neal Brennan Actually Have A Girlfriend? The Comedian Jokes On Having A Dating Affair

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Does Neal Brennan Actually Have A Girlfriend? The Comedian Jokes On Having A Dating Affair

The comedian Neal Brennan has garnered immense name and fame with the success of the Comedy Central's "Chappelle's Show." He has been the reason for laughter and happiness for many people, and many of his fans are curious to know if he has someone to share his own happiness and sorrows.

Well, we are talking about his girlfriend! He has flaunted his dating life in the social networking sites, but the chaos here is, does he have a girlfriend or is he all about cracking jokes?

So without further ado let's take a stroll in his life to know the fact related to his romantic life, along with other interesting details!.

Is Neal Brennan Currently In A Relationship?

Neal has dedicated many tweets to his girlfriend in the past; the tweets give an insight into his dating life, interestingly.

Loving each other is as important as giving space in a relationship! Neal shares a similar thought as well, which he expressed via tweet back in April 2011.

In another tweet at the end of the same year, he, mentioning his girlfriend, pointed out that he could have made his girlfriend mad if she was with him.

Similarly, Neal dedicated a tweet to his girlfriend and gave a slight glimpse of her emotional aspect back in May 2013.

Moreover, Neal humorously compared his girlfriend to the black crowd via Twitter back in September 2015.

Neal talks about his girlfriend time and again in his tweets without revealing her identity, which increases fans' curiosity regarding his girlfriend. Neal has even chosen his words in the tweet skillfully, and it's hard to decipher if he was in a relationship with his girlfriend or not. 

Nevertheless, in one of the interviews with Vice, he revealed he had a girlfriend more than a decade back and shared a moment when asked about practicing comedy. He divulged,

The thing is, when you try to tell people jokes during the day and not on the comedy stage, you sound terrible. Like, I told my girlfriend a joke that I ended up doing in the show. It worked out great on the show, but when I told her, it didn't work. She was like, "Why are you doing a bit? Can we just talk?" So there's a time and a place.

However, he has not spoken about his current relationship status, so suspense hovers around his relationship status until the man in question answers himself.

But there are some facts which can be assuredly said about the comedian; he is still an unmarried man and is yet to introduce a wife into his life.

Neal, despite being straight, often includes gay topics as a part of his stand-up comedy.

Caption: Neal talks on offers targeting him to be a gay.

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This stand-up comedian is all about jokes on such topics and even indulges in a tour spreading laughter. Well, one of his upcoming events is scheduled on December 13 that is going to take place in Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, California.

Talking about the family and friends of Neal, he is the youngest of ten kids and hails from a Catholic family. A lucky guy to get love and care from five brothers and four sisters!

He is indeed a brother of a comedian/writer Kevin Brennan and Sheila Krezwick- a teacher by profession. Dave Chappelle is a close friend of Neal, who even collaborated with him for 'Chappelle's Show.'

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