Necar Zadegan Didn't Get Married To Her Fiance? The Excited Bride-To-Be Is Mum About Possible Husband

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Necar Zadegan Didn't Get Married To Her Fiance? The Excited Bride-To-Be Is Mum About Possible Husband

Necar Zadegan, the actress of popular television drama series '24,' is renowned for two or three cases; the most prominent being her acting career and the other would assuredly be her relationship timeline.

The relationship status of this actress is indeed more interesting, as she has always been trying to conceal all the titbits regarding her bonds behind her dazzling acting career.

Consequently, it has always been an onerous task for her fans who intend to know about her ongoing relationship status.

So today, we'll take a look at the personal aspect of Necar's life, addressing all there is to know about this aspiring actress! 

Necar Zadegan's Current Relationship Status: Is She Married Or Still Planning For The Nuptials?

Eight years ago in October 2009, Necar mentioned a person named Gadi Erel in a tweet, which vividly disclosed the existence of some closeness between the two.

It was later confirmed in an interview with Sarah Toce of Pride; that she was not dating the guy but had already been engaged with him for many years. She even gushed about planning to get married to him in the talk.

A couple of years later in 2011, Necar shared her delightful days in New York City, along with her fiance during her last few weeks of stay in the city.

However, in the later days, she unreservedly kept all her relationship details under the wraps; providing not much of information about her possible husband.

Amid the several speculations regarding the relationship of Necar and her partner, she shared an Instagram clip at the end of March this year, featuring Gadi as well. 


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Good to know they're still going strong!

A Short Wiki-Like Bio Of Necar Zadegan:

Necar Zadegan was born on June 20, 1982, in Heidelberg, Germany to old-fashioned parents and belongs to an Iranian ethnicity. Although her family is a little old-fashioned, Necar has always been a supporter of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community.

Zadegan is also a student of literature; she went to the Univesity of California, Santa Barbara. Necar has several acting credits to her name, which includes an appearance in 'Nip/Tuck,' 'NCIS,' 'The Bernie Mac Show' and Nicole Conn-directed independent film called 'Elena Undone.'

However, she is best known for her roles in '24' and 'Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce.'

Necar has also portrayed a lesbian role in 'The Touch' (2007), where she appeared as a love interest of Renee Vivien, a celebrated lesbian poet, impersonated by Traci Dinwiddie.