Nell Hudson Dating To Get Married? Quirky Boyfriend With The Sharpest Jawline

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Nell Hudson Dating To Get Married? Quirky Boyfriend With The Sharpest Jawline

English actress Nell Hudson, who is famous for her role as Laoghaire MacKenzie in the Television series Outlander, has a prospering dating affair aside from her budding career. Nell is blissfully dating her singer boyfriend for a long time, and the couple is already living together.

If you crave to know further about their relationship status and find out if they are anywhere near getting married, dive in the following article!

Dating Bliss; Already Parents 

The gorgeous Nell is in a dating bliss with her longtime boyfriend Will Taylor, who happens to be the lead singer of the famous band Flyte. Nell first met Will when he and his team were playing at The Jericho Tavern in Oxford back in 2011.

Nell was the one to approach Will first. Though she knew, Will was broke and miles away from stardom, she connected with Will immediately and found her perfect match in him. 

The lovebirds are together since then, and they both flaunt their relationship on their respective social media accounts time and again. Back on 11 August 2016, they attended the premiere of the series Victoria together. Nell later uploaded a timebeing with Will on the way to their event on her Instagram. 

Nell Hudson with boyfriend Will Taylor back in 2016 (Photo: Nell Hudson's Instagram)

Moreover, Nell Instagrammed an adorable picture with Will on 4 November 2017, where she kissed him on his cheeks. In the caption of the picture, Nell revealed that it is pretty much the nature of their relationship.

Besides being open about their relationship on social media, Nell also openly talks about her love life in various interviews. For instance, during an interview with the Mail Online on 20 August 2017, Nell revealed that her boyfriend wrote a lot of songs about her and she loves listening to them and his music. 

She also added that her memorable holiday of life was when she and Will were in Iceland witnessing the mesmerizing northern lights. 

Will and I went to Iceland for New Year. At midnight we were in a hot tub with a beer and it was snowing. Suddenly the sky was on fire with green, glowing Northern Lights. It was magical.

As of now, the pair is residing happily together in Hackney, London while being parents to their little dog, Maggie. Nell had first introduced their cute hound to her followers via an Instagram post on 16 February 2018; since then, both the lovers timely update their account with the dog posts. 

The speculation on their social media makes it apparent that Nell and Will make a beautiful family together. Interestingly, they are already living a married-like-life as well, so it seems the wedding bells are due to ring for them, officially pronouncing them, husband and wife.

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