Nicole Curtis: Previously Married to Musician Husband, Has 2 Kids, Having Disputes With Her Ex-Boyfriend?

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Nicole Curtis: Previously Married to Musician Husband, Has 2 Kids, Having Disputes With Her Ex-Boyfriend?

Nicole Curtis is an expert in restoration, preservation and rebuilding houses. She can look at a property and know its real value. Maybe judging people is not as simple according to her personal history. This is why she has had such a troublesome marriage in the past. Learn everything about it and much more like her children.

Learn about her failed marriage and also the problems from her recent relationship. Find out all the details of the legal battles between her and her ex-husband. Who are her two kids?

Her Married Life: Husband and Divorce History?

Nicole Curtis is a very private person when it comes to her life. She does not share things from her private life until she has to. But still, media has uncovered certain aspects her personal life. Did you know whom she was previously married to?

Caption: An image of her elder son

Her former husband is characterized to be Steve Lane. The date of when they got married or divorced is not mentioned. Steve Lane is believed to be the father of her elder son Ethan. She had met Steve during college, but despite having a child together, their relationship didn’t last for long.

Her Second Child:

Her personal life after her first marriage went underground until July of 2015 where she came out big on Facebook, holding a dog and revealing a baby bump. But then again the picture came with a confusing caption stating, “"To answer all your questions — yes! I was asked to be a surrogate — #lucy decided after all these years she wanted her own pups :) we all kindly ask for privacy, and we still say spay or neuter your pets," Not to keep her fans in confusion for long she confirmed in a post roughly an hour later she added a post confirming that she was in fact, pregnant. With the caption "CLARIFICATION: #sarcasm #notasurrogate," The name of the baby’s daddy was not revealed back then.

Problems with the Ex-Boyfriend:

Now, there has been news of several problems arising between him and her unnamed boyfriend. The news directly covered the post legal battles between Curtis and her former boyfriend, Shane Maguire. During the custody battle for the couple’s 15-month-old son, things have turned sour. The most recent one was when on August 16 when Curtis was accused of trying to retrieve the child which Curtis sharply declines.

The ugly battle had been going on since last November when Maguire sued Curtis for the right to recognition as the child’s birth father and liberal parenting time. Curtis replied with a strong case on July 6 about Memphis visiting her at midnight with violent actions.

Caption: Nicole Curtis's grandmother.

The legal battles did not end here; again on July 13 Curtis challenged the ruling claiming Maguire had recklessly driven their son to a protest. Due to lack of evidence her accusations were overruled.

But Maguire says that Curtis then took their son on an unplanned trip away from Michigan to New York during a visitation weekend. 

Another Legal Battle:

To make matters worse for Curtis, her mother, Joan Curtis has also has filed for a restraining order from her daughter for being threatened by her in front of her grandmother. 'Life & Style' magazine has obtained the papers filed as back as July 2016 that reports allegations of “stole items” and texts “with rage, threats [and] violence.” Not only that b ut Joan has also reported of Nicole threatening her and disrupting the environment at the hospital where Joan's mother was being treated. Below is a picture of the filed report.

Caption: court papers filed against Nicole Curtis on July 2016


Short Bio of Nicole Curtis:

Nicole Curtis was born on August 20, 1976, and grew up in Lake Orion, Michigan, US. Curtis graduated in 1994 from Lake Orion, Michigan and went on to attend colleges Georgia, Florida and Michigan. She is famous for hosting the TV series, ‘Rehab Addict’ from 2010 to present. She was mentioned for remodeling a lighthouse by 'Metro Times' on August 9, 2016.