Openly Gay Fortune Feimster Proudly Flaunts Moments With Partner-In-Crime Girlfriend

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Openly Gay Fortune Feimster Proudly Flaunts Moments With Partner-In-Crime Girlfriend

It is no surprise these days to see so many people being gay and proud instead of hiding in the closet. We have already witnessed a lot of gay/lesbian relationship, and yes they were beautiful. An example can be seen at the event where Jeff Leatham got engaged to his boyfriend.

Similarly, a renowned actress and stand-up comedian, Fortune Feimster says, "This time in history is a good time to be gay."

Yes, you guessed it right! Today we ought to talk about the chubby cute actress Fortune Feimster who also happens to be an openly gay personality and a pure, proud one. We aim today to unravel her personal life which is filled with joyous moments with her beautiful lesbian girlfriend.

A Good Time With Partner-In-Crime Girlfriend

Fortune Feimster sure is happy with her girlfriend, and that shows in her pictures as well. Without any further delay, let us introduce you to Fortune’s girlfriend, Jacquelyn Smith.

Not much is known about her as she is not a celebrity and lacks any form of wiki information. However, being a girlfriend/partner to Fortune has worked for her well but remain with us because a wiki-like bio of Fortune's girlfriend will be on its way; soon!

Not much is known of when the couple met, but Jacquelyn is noticeably a serious person. In an interview back in mid-2016, Jacquelyn revealed that she stalked Fortune on her Instagram when they started dating, where she saw Fortune kissing Sarah Silverman, which was for charity. Both of them admitted that Jacquelyn was the alpha woman and would also know any if anyone was trying to hit on her actress partner.

Caption: An interview with Fortune and her girlfriend Jacquelyn in 2016.

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The couple posts fun pictures on Instagram and one include both of them jumping hand in hand in front of Brighton bathing boxes.


We gayed it up in front of the Brighton bathing boxes. We couldn't control her hair or my shirt. #love

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Even though the couple is going strong with their relationship, there has been no plans on having any children. A fellow lesbian couple Jillian Michaels and Heidi Rhodes share two children via natural birth and adoption. However, for Fortune and Jacquelyn, this might still be a question to debate!

A Good Time To Be Gay

Fortune Feimster expressed her thoughts in 2012 where she discussed how being a gay person is not something to be ashamed. She said,

“More and more people are coming out of the closet, living openly gay lives and in turn showing friends, family, and neighbors that who they are is really not that different from everybody else.”

She also discussed on the small things that famous openly gay personalities do, that have made a change in the society while linking the discussion to Andrew Cooper who is currently residing in a multi-million dollar worth mansion with his gay bar owner boyfriend.

“Even Anderson Cooper started openly waving his rainbow flag! Well, not literally waving it, but you know what I mean!”

She continues,

“The point is, he’s gay, and the world now officially knows it! Does it make a difference? Shoot yeah it does! Not only does it encourage other gay people to be proud of who they are,”

A Short Wiki-Like Bio

According to many wiki sites, Fortune Feimster grew in Belmont, North Carolina. From there she moved to Los Angeles in 2003 to pursue her dream in comedy and as a result, the 36 years old Fortune is currently preparing for her upcoming tour that is due to start from June 2. Even though her name suggests, “Fortune,” she has not revealed the exact figures of her net worth.

Stay with us for the latest updates on Fortune Feimster!