Openly Gay Tyler Oakley Does Boyfriend Tag! Who Is The YouTuber Dating?

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Openly Gay Tyler Oakley Does Boyfriend Tag! Who Is The YouTuber Dating?

Famous Youtuber Tyler Oakley is openly a gay, and almost everyone who follows this internet sensation knows it. But who is the Youtuber dating right now? He once did a boyfriend tag video but who is his partner? 

Tag along to know the answer to the question!

Tyler Oakley's Love Life: Now and Then

Back in 2015, when Tyler was speaking about his book "Binge," he broke the silence on his love life and said that he was dating a man in his life, who he would like to get married.

He was very reluctant on taking the name of his boyfriend, but he described him by calling him unafraid and goofy as well as passionate and driven. But he once did a boyfriend tag video, and we are sure you all know what a boyfriend tag video is.

And for those who do not know what that is, it is a video where you ask your boyfriend stuffs about you and check how much closely your boyfriend knows you.

Caption: Tyler Oakley is doing the boyfriend tag video with Troye Sivan. (Published on February 14, 2014)

He did the video with Troye Sivan, but Sivan is rumored to be dating Connor Franta, that first sparked in the same year Tyler claimed to have a boyfriend. So there are fewer chances of Sivan being the boyfriend of Tyler.

So who is his boyfriend then? Well, the suspense is yet to be broken. So, till then, we might need to wait for him to come forth and let his fans know who his partner is.

However, speaking about his book, he also revealed that he was once in an abusive relationship in college. 

Tyler was scared to write and talk about it in his book. However he mustered the courage and revealed,

"Another hard thing to write was the chapter about one of my ex-boyfriends that talks about abuse... Even though it ended up only a few pages long, I wrote pages and pages and pages,"

 "This doesn't deserve pages and pages and pages. But it's important to share; it's important to talk about."

Tyler, who had never talked about it before, continued,

 "My mom doesn't even know... nobody knows about that. So it's scary for me."

It is hard for someone to cope up with such fear and live a life and relationship full of abuse and it is good to know that he has now moved on in his life and seen the brighter side of life.

A Short Wiki-Like Bio of Tyler Oakley:

Born in Jackson, MI on March 22, 1989, Tyler Oakley is a YouTube sensation with a wicked and quirky sense of humor. He has also won the "Teen Choice Award for the Most Popular Male Web Star" back in 2014, and that shows how well known he is.

Speaking of his parents, he has not talked much about his father but has a very close relationship with his mother, Jackie Oakley who also appears in several videos of Tyler. 

Caption: Video by Tyler Oakley: How mom knew I was a gay. (Published on August 8, 2014)

 Altogether he has 12 siblings who remain out of the limelight till date.

Tyler has also gone through hair transformations many times, and every hair style or color has totally suited him.

Caption: Video of Tyler Oakley on bleaching my hair 50 Shades of gay with Bertie. (Published on August 14, 2013.)

Regardless of his hair transformation, he has been quite a sensation in his career as a Youtuber, and the success he has earned in his career has helped him accumulate a net worth of $8 million