Pete Holmes Went Through Infidelity Issue With Wife But Currently Seems To Enjoy Time With Girlfriend

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Pete Holmes Went Through Infidelity Issue With Wife But Currently Seems To Enjoy Time With Girlfriend

Laughter is the best medicine, but the man who makes people laugh through his comical ideology might be suffering from internal emotional fluctuation which the audience can never feel and observe till it surfaces in the media.

Comedian Pete Holmes once went through the relationship trauma with his former wife who landed him to tangled divorce, but for now, the comedian seems to be back in form with a current dating scene.

Today, we shall fit in the jigsaw puzzle of infidelity issue of comedian Pete Holmes and get hold of his current relationship status.

Was infidelity the key reason for divorce or was there any hidden reason behind?

Stand-up comedian Pete Holmes got married to Becca in his early 20s. Though the events of their wedding is still a secret, the divorce is not.  Pete Holmes divorced his former wife, Becca at the age of 28.

When interrogated about the reason for his divorce, the stand-up comedian confessed about the infidelity by his wife. Pete openly stated the primary cause of the divorce, which was the extra-marital affairs his wife had with the man named Rocco to whom she is currently married.

Though the exact date of their divorce is undisclosed, as per NYTimes, Pete took the entire blame on himself during his late night talk show “The Pete Holmes Show” aired on TBS. He expressed:

“She ended it, but I was at fault.That’s right. Just another late-night monologue in which the host analyzes the role he played in the decay of his own marriage.”

Similarly, while interacting with his fans and followers through his fan page on, his fan’s asked him about his feelings he had for the wedding and his ex-wife. In a reply, Holmes revealed about the distance he has maintained with his wife for last 6-7 years.

"I haven't talked to my ex since the split, like six or seven years ago, but who knows. I try to keep the oversharing about me and so far it's worked out. jeselnik didn't like that I told people he meditates and does yoga, but he's out about that now, at least I think."

The divorce must have shaken him thoroughly as he was born and raised in a Catholic family with the mentality of staying a virgin before getting married and be a one woman person. So it’s obvious for him to get emotionally drained out after getting an annulment from the marriage of seven years.

Still, Affectionate for Becca or has he moved on?

Once Pete Holmes was surrounded by gay rumor after he declared himself as gay in the premieres of  Nice Try: The Devil, aired on 12th May, on Comedy Central where comedian release a statement “gay for Gosling.”

Caption: Pete Holmes clarify about his gay status and the reason why he considers himself to be gay as published by Comedy Central (2013). 

Soon after his statement, he revealed the reason for considering himself as a gay. He asserted to have an exception in his straight attitude only for Gosling, whom he reckons to be a sexy man.

It looks like Pete has moved on from his marriage, as he seems busy with a beautiful girl Valerie Chaney who completely hails from the non-celeb background. Pete likes to keep his dating details out of media's reach. So this relationship is still a mystery.

However, Holmes confirmed his relationship with a mysterious woman through Instagram on 17th October 2015, where he kissed the lady and declared themselves as a couple.


Couplea new york chickens @valerieannchaney

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Caption: Pete revealing his Love over Instagram.

Since then he has opened up about his relationship through series of couple snapshots. The couple is evidently together as Pete recently shared the picture of his love on Instagram who is posing right in front of the Christmas tree showcasing her lovely black dress like a little school girl.



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Caption: Pete with his Mystery Girlfriend.

Well, Pete remains straight regarding his sexuality as he is currently dating Valerie and was previously married to a lady. Currently, he is in a relationship but not married, even though we can say that he has moved on from his previous marriage and is over with the emotional trauma of divorce. Maybe one day he will share the good news of him getting married to his girlfriend. If one piece of apple turns out to be a sour one doesn't mean the rest of the Apple will also prove to be a sour one.