Queen Sails: Age, Nationality, Ethnicity and Other Facts of The Once American Idol Contestant

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Queen Sails: Age, Nationality, Ethnicity and Other Facts of The Once American Idol Contestant

 Have you ever heard of "Chris and Queen" YouTube channel? Well, it is a YouTube channel created by a husband and wife Chris and Queen, where both of them are seen talking about their day-to-day life, participating in challenges and playing pranks on each other.

If you are one of its subscribers, then you must have known more about their videos, but do you know Queen Sails’ age, nationality, ethnicity and other facts? Let us help you to find out more about Queen Sails and her personal life through her bio below.

Queen Sails’ Age, Nationality, Ethnicity and Other Facts

You might not know that Queen was born on October 17, 1995, with real name Queen Bulls. Born with American nationality, Queen developed her interest in singing by the very young age and also has participated in American Idol twice.

Though Queen, who belongs to mixed ethnicity, could not win the title of American Idol, she managed to win many hearts. She was able to win the golden ticket in the season 13 of American Idol.

Here is a video where Queen revealed how she celebrated after receiving a golden ticket.

Caption: Queen Sails in the season 13 of American Idol where she reveals her happiness after receiving a golden ticket (Published on Jan 22, 2014).

A couple of years have already passed since Queen has auditioned for American Idol. She now shares her singing abilities through her YouTube Channel.

Here is a cover by Queen on If I Were A Boy By Beyonce.

Caption: Queen Sails’ cover of Queen on If I Were A Boy By Beyonce (Published on Jun 21, 2017).

Moving onto Queen’s personal life, she is already married and is a mother of a son. She got married to vlogger Christopher Sails aka Chris, whom she met at a high school basketball game.

The pair began dating since April 2013 and eventually got married. However, Queen’s wedding date is not available.


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Christopher, who is also an Instagram sensation with more than 650,000 followers, has been very active on their YouTube channel. Queen and her husband are both twenty-one-year-old.

Born and raised in Michigan, Christopher has a younger brother named Dawaine in the name of his siblings.

Though the details regarding her marriage are not available, one can see many pictures of the pair and their son Chris on their respective social media accounts. Well, there are many cute pictures of Queen’s family, but here is one of the cutest one.


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No doubt Queen and her husband Christopher look adorable together, but their cute little son is someone who has crossed every height of cuteness.  

Just take a look at little Chris in the picture below.


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Do you know that last year a petition was signed to get Chris and Queens YouTube Channel off YouTube?

The process of signing the petition is still going on, as Queen and Christopher are said to be scamming their fans and followers out of hundreds of dollars.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on the developing story!