Raven Gates Dream Of A Dating Affair and Having Eligible Bachelor as Boyfriend Shattered! Still Sheds No Regret

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Raven Gates Dream Of A Dating Affair and Having Eligible Bachelor as Boyfriend Shattered! Still Sheds No Regret

Not to be able to get the person whom you loved from the deepest corner of the heart is undoubtedly a painful feeling. If one has ever gone through that phase, then no words are required to describe that state of mind with a broken heart.

If not, then the struggle that Raven Gates did in the running race to date eligible bachelor might clear the exact emotion of heart break.

The TV personality Raven has been as open as the sky when she participated in the reality dating show “The Bachelor.” She had been knitting the dreams of getting tagged along with eligible bachelor, Nick Viall, which somehow didn’t happen.

But with the broken heart, she reveals that she has no regrets giving a shot for dating. So, today here we are with some more juicy details of the dating affairs Raven Gates flaunted. Let us dig in and know more about it!

Raven Gates’ Dating Dream With The Eligible Bachelor!

Raven Gates came on the reality dating show “The Bachelor” in its 21st season. On the show, we saw Raven Gates growing up with emotions for the hunk Nick Viall and also met Nick’s family. But after the season finale, which ended up Nick choosing Vanessa Grimaldi over Raven Gates, many things came up.

The one with 5ft 6inches height gave her regards to the newly engaged couple and said,

“I hope everything works out the way that they want it to. I hope that Nick gets everything he wants in life. I think he deserves it and I feel like I know him on a really intimate level that I just want everything that he wants in life. I hope all of it comes true, all of his dreams.”

Though Raven Gates gave her optimistic thoughts to the new couple, with no doubts she someone felt bad about not being chosen by Nick Vaill. One thing that we can learn from Raven Gates is not to have regrets on anything that you have ever experienced.

Caption: Nick Viall said goodbye to Raven Gates while he chooses Vanessa Grimaldi over her. (Published on March 14, 2017)

Raven, who had been building up emotions towards Bachelor Nick, was transparent with her past affair too, and she also admitted that she has a genuine feeling for Nick.

But she managed to control her emotions after she was sent home. She told,

“I was trying to accept what he was saying and I knew there was nothing I could say to change his mind and I felt I had left everything on the table so there’s nothing I could do differently. … I think as soon as he told me I wasn’t the one I started the healing process right then and there. I accepted it, I didn’t question myself, I was confident in myself.”

Though the reality star got turned down in the show by the mild natured Nick, she mentioned she was “super realistic” throughout the entire season, which helped Gates to come to peace with the outcome.

Raven's Past Affairs:

During the time in the show “The Bachelor,” Raven often used to talk about her past relationship. While she was on a fantasy date with the 26-years-old star, she left him and her ex-boyfriend speechless, after she revealed that she has never said “I love you” to a man.

Caption: Raven Gates shared about her past relationship with Nick Viall. (Published on Feb 28, 2017)

Later, it seemed that Raven Gates’ ex-boyfriend, Hunter Henry, couldn’t remain that silent which would stop him to share some facts about the relationship with Raven. Henry backfired that and insisted,

“Comments made by Raven about our relationship are skewed and untrue. However, I wish her all the best."

He added,

"Definitely not true about the whole orgasm thing. And she has told me she loved me multiple times, just for the record.”

All the words of Henry about his relationship with Raven Gates shattered the Bachelor’s fans. But the mild natured boutique owner managed her way to the top three finalists.

Wiki-like Bio of Raven Gates:

Raven Gates, who recently celebrated her 26th birthday, rocketed to fame after she appeared on the ABC’s dating show “The Bachelor.” She was able to land on the second place in a running race of winning Bachelor Nick Viall’s heart.

She originally hails from Arkansas. The long marriage life of her parents, which lingered for about three decades, might be the reason that prompted her to be in the show.

If we take a look at the Instagram account of the gorgeous Raven Gates, we can find out many fun facts about her. As per the post below, Raven Gates was voted, unsurprisingly as prom queen during her High School Prom.

Talking about Raven’s business, she's a boutique owner of Grey Suede located in Jonesboro, Arkansas. She started her own business at the very young age of 24 after her father was diagnosed with lung cancer.

From then and there, she realized that life is too short to keep the things at a halt.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Raven Gates!