Riley Lewis Age 15 Not Married But Dating Boyfriend, TikTok Star Tyler Philips

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Riley Lewis Age 15 Not Married But Dating Boyfriend, TikTok Star Tyler Philips

Best friend turned lovers are one of the most influential love stories ever know!

And the Youtube star, Riley Lewis along with her boyfriend seems to be top of the game, who gives nothing but extraordinary couple goals, all at the very young age of 15. 

For the one who has been ruling Instagram modeling world, Riley and her boyfriend's love goes back to the early days, when they were growing up together. 

Sharing the friendship first, which eventually turned to lifelong love, the duo's dating has almost been half-a-decade long and seems like the couple is set to regard themselves "married!"

Young Age Best Friends Turned Lovers

While Riley, who stands at the height of 5 feet 2 inches, gains fame on the social media, she shares it with her boyfriend Tyler Phillips, who earned recognition through app now called Tik Tok.

Riley and Tyler have been together for four years now as they march towards their fifth year of togetherness.

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Initially, Riley and Tyler were best friends who met when they were just at the age of 2 back in 2004. As they grew up, their deep friendship eventually turned into love leading them to begin their relationship. The pair began dating in 2014. 

Since then, Riley and Tyler have the sharing the romance in similar velocity and are going strong day by day. Even though people believed that their love would not last long, the young couple is hell-bound to live their life together.

They often pass out the words of appreciation for each other through their posts on social media. Riley and Tyler both share pictures with each other on their Instagram while admiring their presence in their life through captions.

Dating Anniversary On Social Media; "Married To Best Friend"

The couple sends out birthday wishes along with loving words during their anniversary. The duo recently celebrated their fourth year of togetherness on 12 October 2018. 

Riley, who shares the same birth date and almost same time with two of her siblings, posted multiple pictures on her Instagram with her boyfriend remembering the fourth year of their love. The collection of pictures also included their photo dating back to when they were kids.

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Riley passed out anniversary wishes to her boyfriend while thanking with for the amazing memories till date through the captions. Riley wrote,

"Happy four year anniversary babes I love u with all my heart foreve and always!! Thank u for an amazing four years full of amazing memories!!"

Riley Lewis with her boyfriend of four years Tyler Phillips. (Photo: Riley Lewis's Instagram)

Adding to it, Tyler also posted pictures with his girlfriend on their big day while revealing his love for his girl. He also divulged that past four years were the best years of his life.

Well, the pair never misses out on any chance they get to appreciate each other. Likewise, Riley, raised by her proud parents along with her siblings, also wished her lover birthday on his auspicious day treasuring the memories that they share.

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Indeed, they sure are the couple goals and by the looks of it, their love sure would last a lifetime. While Riley mentions "married to best friend" on her Instagram bio, her fans are eagerly waiting for the special ceremony of these lovebirds.