Ruby Rose Turner Age, Parents, Boyfriend

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Ruby Rose Turner Age, Parents, Boyfriend

Tik Tok star Ruby Rose Turner garnered overnight fame after her collaborative effort with world-renowned choreographers Josh Killacky, and Tricia Miranda went viral.

At age seven, she debuted her dancing skills on ‘Sabado Gigante" - a Spanish language variety TV show broadcasted by Univision. Again in 2015, she made a notable appearance on Dancing With The Stars to promote the film, Annie.

Initially starting as a dancer, the Los Angeles native eventually made a name for herself as an actress. Since 2018, she starred as the lead Cami in the TV series Coop, and Cami Ask the World. In Netflix's Fuller House, she had a recurring guest role. Her acting credits on movies include Annie and Burlap.

Besides acting in TV and films, Ruby is also an aspiring model, having worked for prestigious brands such as Isabella & Chloe and Under Armour. Her multi-talented personality was on full display when she showcased her singing prowess in the reality singing competition American Idol in 2019.

The talented child star has amassed over four million followers on her Tik Tok account using all the stated tricks up her sleeves. On Instagram alone, over 1.3 million people follow her.

Beyond her career, what else do the fans know about her personal life? Well, read along to find out!

Age, Birthday, Parents & Siblings

Born in 2005 to parents Andrew Natalie Turner, Ruby grew up in Los Angeles, California alongside her three siblings - Natalie, Alfie, and Alec. Natalie, also a dancer, is her older sister while her male siblings are younger than her.

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A Libra by birth, the Hyperlinked actress - now age 13 - celebrates her birthday on 16th October every year. Other famous Libra, who observe their birthday on the same day as her, include YouTube stars Sylvia Gani and Carmen Pretty Hispanic.

Hair, Height & Weight

Of all her physical attributes, Ruby gets best recognized for her extremely curly hair.

Standing at the height of over four feet and ten inches (150 cm), the Fuller House actress boasts over 40 kilograms (88 pounds) in weight. Once she hits puberty, her height as well body mass should see remarkable changes.

Boyfriend Talks: Dating Already?

Despite her tender age, Ruby is already making a splash in the dating scene. She and her rumored boyfriend Ashton Rowland are allegedly an item.

Ruby Rose Turner smiles in a photo next to her alleged boyfriend Ashton Rowland circa 2017 (Photo:-

To those unfamiliar, Ashton is an Instagram sensation with over 800 thousand followers. Like Ruby, he too holds a verified Tik Tok account.

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Although there's no timeline of when the lovebirds began dating, a deeper dive into their social media activities reveals that the romance probably got sparked after birthday wishes tweet from Ruby to her alleged boyfriend, Ashton.

Little under two months after the Twitter exchange, in July 2017, Ashton surprised the fans by opening about their relationship. Following the confirmation, the duo collaborated in numerous Tik Tok videos.