Television Personality Phaedra Parks Planning Divorce With Her Husband? Takes Kids To See Their Father!

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Television Personality Phaedra Parks Planning Divorce With Her Husband? Takes Kids To See Their Father!

Arguments, often heated arguments really brings out the most hideous and secretive views out from a person. Often, these squabbles end in heated situations; fight and brawls. In marriage, it can do a lot worse like divorce which literally spoils the life of three parties; the man, woman, and their kids.

It must be really hard to go through one, and even tougher to know that you are going to have one, soon.  We are covering a similar story here. 

Television Personality Phaedra Parks Planning Divorce with her Husband?

Phaedra Parks is a federal lawyer, but more famously a TV personality known to have appeared as well as married her partner from the reality TV show Real Housewives of Atlanta. Having previously dated football player Chuck Smith, she was married in 2009 to her long time boyfriend Apollo Nida, who was also a participant of the same reality show. 

Phaedra and Chuck were deeply in love, and the proof is that they were in a relationship for 14 years prior to their marriage. The couple, however, enjoyed comparatively lesser time as husband and wife than as girlfriend and boyfriend. The two of them for married in 2009, they got divorced in the October of 2014.


Caption: Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks Wedding, 2009


She has even been open about it, and quite frankly is not angry or hurt by the divorce. Although raising two sons on her own can be a tough challenge for a beautiful single mom, it looks like she has thought about it and is committed to doing that. The couple had two sons in their 5 years of marriage; Ayden; age 4, and Dylan; age 1.


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In an interview with in 2015, she revealed that she was definitely going to consider dating again, but not for some time. She also said;"My priority is, of course, being a mom, and everything else takes a backseat to that." She also revealed that her siblings, who are also her besties had constantly been inspiring and supporting her in these tough times.

Takes Kids to see their Father?

Apollo, who is currently sentenced to eight years in prison for fraud, didn't see any chance of their marriage going forward because his wife didn't join him on the day of his hearing. On top of that, he has been transferred to a more strict jail after he was found making an attempt to smuggle a cell phone inside his cell.

Although the marriage and divorce were between two grown-ups, it has affected their kids a lot more and there have been speculations on whether the mother should let the kids visit their father in jail or not. Apparently, Phaedra thinks that it is a good idea too and she would like that to happen.

When she was interviewed by in 2014 about her ex-husband in jail, she revealed “I have sent him a Christmas card and everything. I speak to him all the time.”  Having visited prison and courts on several occasions as a professional lawyer, she was seen visiting the prison with her kids for the first time, to see their father.