Is Tom Payne A Gay Man? Has Past Dating Affairs Or Current Relationships With Girlfriend To Fence The Rumors?

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Is Tom Payne A Gay Man? Has Past Dating Affairs Or Current Relationships With Girlfriend To Fence The Rumors?

You must have the cool yet extremely tactical “Jesus” from Walking Dead real life known as Tom Payne. After people had loved this guy in the series, he got to be the regular recurring role in the series in season seven too. With that charming personality and hunky attitude, Payne has won the heart of many. But does he have a girlfriend? Or is a gay man? Well! Maybe, maybe not. We will be digging the fact in our story today.

Gay character in series but what is the scenario in real life?

More recently, Tom Payne has revealed the new plot in his role as Paul “Jesus” Rovia in the hit AMC series “Walking Dead.” Payne was asked at Los Angeles International Airport whether the character would be a significant part of the series moving forward.

He replied,

“I don't think so. They haven't done that with any other characters really,'  

He continued,

“He wasn't closeted. It just hadn't been mentioned on the show,”

Payne further explained how the character would be working out. He said,

“There's no difference between a gay person and a heterosexual person at the end of the day,”

Payne told Jesus is gay in the comic books. He divulged,

“'You don't go into a scene going ''Oh, wow, I've gotta really think I'm a gay person now.'' There's no difference really,”

That was about his character in his series along with his people has assumed him as a gay in real life too. And one of his posts in Twitter has added fuel to the speculation as gay.

Is Payne Dating someone? Married?

Caption: Tom Payne revealed how his character is taking the new plot in the series.

Published on March 20, 2017

In the video above, he has also confirmed that as his character will be coming out as gay but in actuality, he is not.

Tom Payne has been in a relationship with Swedish model and singer Jennifer Akerman. That can also be evident to the fact that he is not gay. Further, it can also be said in another way that he is just making out with a girl just to give a pause to a gay rumor.


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On the other side, the relationship has gone a long way. Both of them have been dating since 2013 and has a healthy relationship since then. But what about getting married? Is the pair planning to get married anytime sooner? 

Well! as of now the duo is not married yet but hopefully, they will make us familiar about their plans, shortly. 

Caption: Tom Payne went for a dinner date with his model girlfriend, Jennifer Akerman.

Published on March 25, 2015

All in all, Payne has been in a relationship with a girl. Hopefully, they will come out quite openly about their relation in the near future.