Young Age 'Scream' Actor Amadeus Serafini: Dating With Lovely Girlfriend

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Young Age 'Scream' Actor Amadeus Serafini: Dating With Lovely Girlfriend

The news of the affairs between an actor and actress isn’t something unusual. When we hear our favorite actor dating with another actress, our mind gets filled with curiosity to know more about them. Today, we are dealing with one such young television couple whose affair has flared everywhere nowadays.


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Dating With His Girlfriend!

 Amadeus Serafini has been dating his lovely girlfriend, Carmen Nicole Tonarelli, for a while now. Carmen is an actress and is best known for her roles in The Last Rites of Romance, Frostbite, and Wild Flowers. The couple is sharing a harmonious relation. Amadeus’ Instagram consists of many photos of the girlfriend, Carmen.

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Don’t they look perfect together? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see them both starring in a romantic series?

Nonetheless, the couple does not only post pictures on Instagram to exhibit love, but they also appear together at various events and parties radiating with chemistry. Though the couple is young, it seems the love between them is profound and deep. We hope the couple will share this relation throughout their life and stay happy.

Amadeus Serafini's Short Bio:

Born on July 7, 1993, Amadeus Serafini grew up in the United States and Europe. However, he moved to Los Angeles later to take acting and theater studies. He started modeling at the age of eighteen with Ford Models. Amadeus acting coach was Eric Morris.

He is currently an American actor. His first movie appearance was a short movie titled “Smoke”, which was based on a story from the award-winning Alan Heathcock. He is best known for Scream: The TV series (2015), Oh La La, Hollywood speaks French (2014) and Smoke (2013). According to a source, his series Scream 3 which was scheduled to air from August 25 at 10 p.m. canceled due to low ratings.