Yvonne Orji Reveals She's Been Dating; Keeping Something Till She Gets Married With Husband

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Yvonne Orji Reveals She's Been Dating; Keeping Something Till She Gets Married With Husband

In your day to day life, you might have come across different people who have been in multiple relationships. Likewise, many celebrities have tried out different people until they found a perfect one for them.

The Insecure's actress Yvonne Orji is one of them who have dated different people but yet has something treasured for her Mr. Perfect. So what is it? Let's find out.

What's in Store for her Mr. Perfect?

Yvonne Orji, who has depicted the character of Molly in the HBO series Insecure, opened up about her private life and profession in an interview with The Breakfast Club in November 2016. Orji who portrays the character of a girl having a troubled dating life and spicy sex life has revealed that she is still a virgin and is not as sexually liberated as her character although she has been on a lot of dates.

Caption: Yvonne Orji at The Breakfast Club where she talks about dating and her character Molly

 In the Interview, Orji explained how she managed to keep her virginity. She said-

“Personally, I had plans to have sex when I turned 18. I was dating [dude] and I had it figured out. But, I got to college at 17 in D.C and then I got saved.”

In the same interview, she revealed that she isn’t ashamed of not having sex with her boyfriend and is not afraid letting people know about her virginity.

“It comes out, I don’t hide it. The same way people know they’ve hadbein a one-night stand, you can say that so I can this.”

Orji explained that she has decided not to have sex until she gets married after she dedicated her life to Christianity at the age of seventeen. Isn’t that something interesting?  We must agree that Orji is a talented actress who has played one of the hottest sex scenes even after being a virgin. Well, her husband will be the lucky one who has something treasured for him.

Yvonne Orji’s Short Bio:

The Nigerian-American actress Yvonne Orji was born on December 2, 1983, in Nigeria and grew up in Maryland. By the very young age, she enjoyed comedy. Her parents wished her to pursue her career as a doctor, engineer, lawyer or pharmacist but she ended being an actress. Orji is a graduate of George Washington University.

Orji, who stands tall at a perfect height, is popular for her appearance in Insecure (2016), The Conversation: Talk Show Series (2016), and 30 Days Notice (2016).