Austin North SPLITS With Girlfriend of Four Months | What Went Wrong?

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Austin North SPLITS With Girlfriend of Four Months | What Went Wrong?

Four months of relationship comes to an end!

American actor Austin North, who came to prominence through his role as Logan Watson on Disney Channel sitcom I Didn't Do It, has parted ways from his long-distance girlfriend of four months, Sadie Robertson, who is known for her appearance on the A&E show Duck Dynasty.

The news of their split came on 29 August 2018 after Sadie opened up of their separation with Us Weekly. She divulged that the pair called it quits after they realized that they would not work out. 

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However, despite the end of the relationship, they are still very close and prefers to call each other friends. Sadie also revealed that Austin had just messaged her the other day saying that he was thinking about her. 

For Sadie, she thinks that there are no hard feelings and that's what beautiful about their relationship. She even believes that things are just the way they should be. 

Talking with  Us she expressed her feelings saying,

“We broke up. He’s an amazing guy and I wish him all the best. We’re friends. It just didn’t work out. He actually just texted me the other day and said he was thinking about me … and I think that’s beautiful. That’s how it should be.”

Well, seem like the couple is coping with their separation with support form their friends and family. While in spite of walking their different ways after the break-up, the pair still follows each other on their social media, unlike most celebrities. 

The last picture of the pair together on Austin's Instagram account dates back to June when Austin wished his girlfriend birthday on her special day. Austin made sure to send out birthday wishes to his girl through a post.

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He posted a picture in which he had Sadie wrapped around his arms while he revealed that he couldn't wait to spend the day with her. He even regarded having her in his life as a blessing. 

He wrote,

"Happy Birthday beautiful ❤️ Can’t wait to spend this day with you. I’m so so so so so blessed to have you in my life. Now let’s go be our dorky selves and have the best time ever"

Austin North with former girlfriend Sadie Robertson.  (Photo: Austin North's Instagram)

The pair had only been dating for few months and they were already a relationship goal. The pair had made their relationship public back in April through an Instagram post.

Although they were in a long distance relationship as Austin lived in LA and Sadie lived in Nashville, the couple was true to what they shared with each other. the couple was staying in touch through FaceTime since they actually met in person back in April.

Turns out the couple had known each other years before they actually met. Back in 2016, Austin had DMed Sadie on Twitter expressing his interest. The couple had even swapped numbers and were in touch but things between them fizzled out as they never met in person.

Two years later, the duo came face to face for the first time through a friend who tried to hook them up not knowing they actually knew each other from past.

Taking with Entertainment Tonight, Sadie revealed that while she was in L.A. for her book press a friend of her arranged a random meeting with Austin. As they had known each other long before, they had an instant spark. They hung for the next two days and even had an official first date. 

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It did not take them long to make their relationship public and they seemed happy in each other arms but the distance at times end awesome relationships.  

Austin, who is at the age of 22, previously dated his ‘I Didn’t Do It’ co-star Piper Curda.