Ollie Locke Opens Up about Being Gay after Breakup with His Girlfriend, Dating a New Man?

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Ollie Locke Opens Up about Being Gay after Breakup with His Girlfriend, Dating a New Man?

Having known for his popular reality show E4, the star Ollie Locke has been in the attention of media through the news of gay, break up and about dating a new man.

But, how much weight of truth does this news carry or is it just the rumor spread to sabotage the fame of the star. The female fans of this cute, innocent hunk may be dying from the curiosity to know the truth, so just for you people, we have revealed few details about him.

His Breakup Story: Girlfriend and Dating

Before getting involved in any womanly relationship, the star had acknowledged himself to be a bisexual person having a stronger feeling for both men and women.

Although his fan followers thought him to be gay and precisely asked him to accept the fact of him being gay, the star openly denied the accusation of being gay despite having tried so much to agree the fact.As posted by Pink News on 21st May 2013, he gave a statement:

“The whole country thinks I’m gay. I get so many tweets every day telling me to come out of the closet. If I could, then I would. But I’m just not there, I’m really not. I am not lying to anyone, I am not gay. I still have amazing relationships with women.”

He added:

“Bisexuality is me and that will always be the case. I’ve tried to push myself to be gay, but then a beautiful woman comes up to me and wants to have sex with me, and I can’t say no! It’s a hard life”

Shortly after releasing the statement of his bisexuality in the year 2013, he eventually got involved in a relationship with his lady Catherine Louise Radford, an interior designer.The power couple is said to have met during the last summer of 2015.

Even though the star had not revealed about how and when did he met the lady they were spotted together in Dubai enjoying the romantic dinner date at Le Royal Meridien hotel's Zengos and were spotted holding hands.

Caption: Ollie with his girlfriend Catherine at Dubai in 2015

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Even though the media claimed about the relationship to be a strong bond, unfortunately, the relationship between the duo turned out to be a sour one when Ollie discovered himself to have non-interest in women and revealed about having a soft corner for men.

Hence, the lovely pair moved in their respective way just after a year of their relationship i.e. in the year 2016. As posted by mirror.co.uk on 25th July 2016, indeed he stated about living in together with women, where he said;

"I lived with a woman last year in a house when I was off camera and we had two dogs together,then when we broke up in December,I thought'That's it now,I think I'm now gay.

Well with this it is an end to his relationship with his girlfriend. As he has already mentioned about his interest in man now we are looking forward to seeing which man shall he date first as gay and hope that he is not as confused as he was with his women.

Is he Seriously Gay and Dating a new man? Boyfriend?

Before confronting his sexual orientation as gay, the star was going through some internal conflict unable to locate his actual sexual orientation.The star even though had not confirmed his status as gay had been working for the rights of gay and bisexuality.

But, he gave an actual confirmation of his sexual orientation immediately after his break up with his ex-girlfriend Catherine.He released the official statement of being gay in the year 2016. As posted by Mirror.Co.UK on 25th July 2016, the star has expressed his desire to date a man and has accepted the fact of being gay.He said:

"I want to experience my first gay relationship whether that's on or off camera. I don't mind. But I want to have one. I'm ready."

The new emerging preference is not only ready for the on-screen act E4 but is also on a start to get into a new relationship with a man. And yes, looks like the man did find his partner.

As posted by The Sun.Co.UK on 8th August 2016, the man was seen spending some relaxed time and personal space with his new man. Even though the actor has kept his love away from being a public target, he definitely could stop himself posting the picture with his love one.

Caption: Ollie with his better half man in 2016

Source: thesun.co.uk

Well, even though he has a dating history with women, he turned out to be gay later on. He has now actually identified his sexual preference and has been working towards his new preference.

Currently, through he has no girlfriend but is rumored to be dating a mysterious man. Hope so the star has met the man of his compatibility and is planning to be in a long-term relationship with him.We also hope his parents have no issue with him being gay and sincerely hope they fully support his decision.

Dating History Before Turning Gay:

When talking about the relationship status of Ollie Locke we came across his series of a girlfriend whom he had dated in the past.

We came across his ex-beau Chole Green, the heir of Top Shop and the daughter of Sir Philp Green.The couple first met on the screen of E4 reality show in the year 2011. During the entire period of the reality show, the happening couple had a series of dating events and were spotted together at various places spending close-knit time.

Caption: Ollie Locke with Chole Green in Sky Vodka Bar Party in 2011

Source: xposurephotos.com

However, the on-screen couple ended their relationship in the same year 2011. When talking about the breakup both the star has given a carefree reason of not being able to maintain their relationship in the heart of public.

Well, maybe this was only some kind of pretended relationship created to arouse the interest of public towards the reality show or there might have been some really fishy reason that both the star has no desire of revealing to the public.

Similarly, Made in Chelsea star Ollie Locke got involved in another relationship with his co-star Ashley James. When talking about his relationship, the star has not spoken about the commencement of the relationship nor has he explained about his dating events with his women.

But as posted by Whosdatedwho.com, the star is said to have dated the women since the year 2012. So, maybe there loved blossomed while they were shooting for the show "Made In Chelsea" in the year 2012 or they might have realized their love for one another after a certain passage of time.

Caption: Ollie with his girl Chole Green at the premiere party of Harry Potter in 2015.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Unfortunately, the relationship took a rough pathway and ended on a bad note.That's true, the handsome man and the young lady ended their relationship.When talking about the split off, he gave the reason of non-existence of compatibility between them.

As posted by Digital Spy.Com on21st May 2013, he said:

"Where do I start? We ended up arguing over silly things and it basically just didn't work."

Well, to maintain a healthy relationship both the partner needs patience and consistency with ample amount of love. Failure or absence in any one of it will definitely pull the relationship downwards giving it a sour taste.

Talking about the net worth of the actor he has an estimated net worth of $10 million dollars as of now.