Actress Cum Sports Broadcaster Renee Young, Who is She Dating With? Pregnant With Her Boyfriend?

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Actress Cum Sports Broadcaster Renee Young, Who is She Dating With? Pregnant With Her Boyfriend?

Very few people know about their favorite sports athlete and entertainers? While we are talking about, let’s speak of the biggest sports entertainment in Television, WWE. For years, Renee Young has been portrayed as your host to for the WWE network and has interviewed a lot of WWE superstars about their life and experience but what about her personal life?

Married Plans and Husband?

Being a host on different shows of WWE, Renee must spend a lot of time around famous hunky athletes. But who among them has captured her heart? Well, it was Dean Ambrose. Learn more about their relationship and is Renee pregnant? Is she married and has a husband?

Dating her Boyfriend!

Dean Ambrose maybe the ‘lunatic fringe’ as known in the ring but when it comes to personal life, he is just a down to earth kind of guy named Jonathan Good. Though the couple likes to keep their personal life outside from the camera, still some off-screen moments capture how compatible they look together like in the Twitter photo below.

After a lot of eyebrows rose questioning about their relationship, Renee finally broke the silence in March 2015 confirming that she was dating Jonathan while he too quickly followed the footsteps of his girlfriend even though he likes to keep his private life at the minimum attention. Dean Ambrose has also said very touching words about Renee in an interview given to on 2015 below where he shares,

“She’s far too good for me.”

Caption: Dean Ambrose Interview: On WWE 2K16, Roman Reigns, turning heel & relationship with Renee Young on Sep 2015

Renee has herself also said very touching things about Jonathan. She stated in an interview given to on 2016 stating;

“He’s very nice, and he’s adorable. People wouldn’t assume that. He’s definitely a lot different than people would know.”

Caption: Renee Young Interview: On dating Dean Ambrose, comedy, life with WWE/NXT & commentating on March 2015

Is She Pregnant?

There have been a lot of talks going around about Renee Young being pregnant. We could, however, find no citation done on the matter. We were, however, able to pry on a video titled about Renee’s pregnancy, but it is mostly just clips of her with Dean Ambrose. There is a part where a voice similar to her speaks about her pregnancy. But overall there is a high doubt on the authenticity of the content; you be the judge from the video below.

Caption: Renee Young Pregnant on January 2016

Renee Young's Short Bio:

Renee Young or originally known as Renee Paquette born on September 19, 1985, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She used to be a child model but after applying through several colleges, she decided to train in improvisational comedy and relocated to Los Angeles at the age of 19 to pursue her career.

Her net worth and salary have yet not been reviewed officially. Being one of the very few faces that host the events of the entire WWE network, she appears on most of the main event. In this year, the most recent events she has appeared on are ‘WWE Backlash,' ‘WWE Summerslam,' ‘WWE Battleground,' ‘Money in the Bank’ and various other events.