What is Ginger Beer? Its Benefits and Calories Amount

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Ginger beer; a non-alcoholic drink in itself, but is a great delight among people who love cocktails...Simply put, ginger beer is a non-alcoholic (could also be alcoholic) drink with...Simply put, ginger beer is a non-alcoholic (could also be alcoholic) drink with...Although ginger beer has no types, the calories contained within the drink you consume differs from one product to the other...
What is Ginger Beer? Its Benefits and Calories Amount

Ginger beer, a non-alcoholic drink in itself, is an excellent delight among people who love cocktails. If you too are a fan, then the drinks such as Moscow mule or Dark n’ Stormy must be one of your top picks. 

While ginger beer is a popular choice among thousands of people, some might not be familiar with what it is or have wondered about its beautiful origin. Let’s not wait any more time and understand why ginger beer is so hot right now.

What Is Ginger Beer? 

Simply put, ginger beer is a non-alcoholic (could also be alcoholic) drink with a spicy tango of ginger. It is made by mixing ginger, water, and sugar, fermented with yeast, and of course, carbonating the mix. 

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The whole fuss about the aromatic-spicy drink started in the 15th century when the ginger plantation was brought to the Caribbean and some parts in Africa. Once the English got their hands on ginger, the drink was born into the world of dull and boring beverages. 

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Today, a lot of breweries produce ginger beer in bulk. Some are alcoholic, whereas some aren’t. Some can give you a sharp kick in the back of the throat, while some are sweet and subtle. But, whatever kind of punch they carry, the roots are the same - one of the oldest spice known to man.

Does Ginger Beer Retain Any Benefits?

Ginger beer is famous for its anti-inflammatory and stomach-soothing properties. As ginger beer carries ginger in its roots, some of the plant's healthy features are transferred unto the fizzy drink people love. At the same time, ginger beer also has other health benefits, some of which are listed below:

  • Relieves nausea as ginger is known to improve digestion. The non-alcoholic ginger beer can also provide relief from nausea to pregnant women. Furthermore, a review in the Nutrition Journal of March 2014 also reported that it does not cause any side effects.

  • It could probably prevent cancer safely, although further studies are needed. In a report from 2008 by Molecular Nutrition and Food Research found that ginger slowed down human cancer cells. A survey by Cancer Prevention Research in April 2013 also noted that people who took ginger every day for a month had their biological markers for cancer risk gone down than those who did not.

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  • The anti-inflammatory agent of ginger is also found in ginger beer, which is a great help against inflammation. So, if you have a swollen hand or feet, grabbing a ginger beer might be helpful.

  • Ginger has a positive effect on the health of a human heart. While ginger beer may not have the same amount of active ingredients as in ginger, it is still a boost for your cardiovascular health.

  • The “superfood” ginger also has active ingredients that can help reduce infections. So much so that it is fruitful against RSV virus, which is a common cause of respiratory infections.

What Calories Does Ginger Beer Hold?

Although ginger beer has no types, the calories contained in the drink differs from one product to the other. For instance, one brand of non-alcoholic ginger beer contains about 16 calories per ounce, while a brand of alcoholic ginger beer contains about 15 calories per ounce.

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But in terms of calories, roughly all the products of ginger beer have about 15 calories per ounce of serving.

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To summarize, ginger beer is not just tasty, but healthy too. So, go ahead and drink it to enjoy a spicy kick in the back of your throat, whether straight from the bottle or as varieties of mocktails or cocktails.