What Is OMAD Diet? Benefits & Results Of Following It

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Jjust thinking and making plans about diet won’t give good results...You gotta move your muscles and cling with the meal plans...In that case, you can follow the simple OMAD Diet that promises benefits and effective results...
What Is OMAD Diet? Benefits & Results Of Following It

With people’s growing fondness for weight loss, new diet plans pop up once in a while. Even with tempting benefits, individuals may find many of the diet programs challenging to follow for the long-term.

While some fail to keep track of the plans, they make for weight loss; others sketch the meal plans on their brain. But, just thinking and making plans about diet won’t give good results. You gotta move your muscles and cling with the meal plans.

In that case, you can follow the simple OMAD Diet that promises benefits and effective results.

What Is OMAD Diet?

OMAD stands for One Meal A Day. Sounds extreme?

Well, it may be daunting for a beginner, who is planning to lose weight. But, people who follow it once swear by it till the end. No wonder, the recommendations for supporting the diet is on the rise.

As the name suggests, a person following the OMAD diet eats only once in 24 hours. It is a version of intermittent fasting where a person fasts throughout the day and snacks in a designated time between 4-7 pm. One can have drinks like water, coffee, and tea that have few calories throughout the day. It is only the solid food that needs restriction.

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While the food gets consumed, our system does not get a chance to burn the fat, and thus a person fails at shedding weight. But, during a fast, our body utilizes fat; the main source of weight gain.

Our ancestors were equipped to go throughout the day without food as food was scarce then. During the present time, people have gone off the rail as food is readily available. Channeling the ancestors, one can go along with the OMAD Diet twice or thrice a week as found convenient to achieve the targeted weight.

What Is The Meal Plan? 

One advantage of the OMAD diet is it gives variation in the meal plan to include a variety of nutrition. Along with variety, the meal can be of a larger quantity. The reason for the substantial portion is to make up the fast of the whole day. 

Large salad with olive oil-based dressing (Photo:

For example, a meal to follow on the OMAD diet would have a large salad with olive oil-based dressing. Accompanying the salad will be grilled salmon or chicken and a whole grain such as farro or quinoa with mixed beans or lentils. Last but not least, the meal plan will end with fruit salad for dessert.

One can change the ingredients to fit the taste, but the key to best results is to plan the healthy meals, to ignore the usual tempting enemy of weight loss; junk food.

What Are The Benefits? 

OMAD diet can seem harsh to follow on the surface, but when looking at the larger picture of its benefits and results, it is hard to ignore. Firstly, it helps with weight loss by improving digestion.

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Another benefit is that OMAD saves time; one need to prepare only one meal to eat in a day. It prevents all the hassle of cooking and eating three meals when one meal covers it all.

Furthermore, it protects the heart and keeps one energized throughout the day.