56 years of Love Life: Former PBS NewsHour's Anchor, Jim Lehrer: Wife Kate, and 3 Daughters

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You probably know an American journalist and novelist who is best known as the executive editor of PBS Newshour. But you might not know his 56 years of love life with his wife.
56 years of Love Life: Former PBS NewsHour's Anchor, Jim Lehrer: Wife Kate, and 3 Daughters

"The 21st century" and "real love stories" rarely blend. But it is true that the story, which you will be reading here, is no less than that of Romeo and Juliet. What are basics of true love? Trust among partners, known as the commitment, time management and so on. The presence of all such elements is why this man's love life is going on for more than 56 years. Amazed? So, are we.

Be with us as we tell you the true love story of this couple who have struggled in the same profession with their zeal and avidity.

You probably know the American journalist and novelist Jim Lehrer referred to as the executive editor of PBS Newshour. But you might not know about his 56 years of love life with his soulmate; his wife Kate Lehrer.

Caption: Jim Lehrer, Kate Lehrer The Atlantic Private Dinner.


Where it all started: Making of an epic love story!

Caption: Jim Lehere with wife Kate Lehrer.


They first met in the fall of 1959, when Jim was a young reporter with the Dallas Times Herald. Kate had just finished graduation from Texas Christian University and had just arrived in town to start work as a junior-high English teacher.

While Kate moved into an Apartment on Gaston Avenue, Jim was already rooming there with his partners from Texas Christian University. While moving in, they met at a stairwell, and Jim offered his assistance.That was the beginning of what would go on to be an iconic tale of love.

Talking to The Washington Post, Kate Lehrer remembers, "He helped me unpack my books, and we got into our first literary discussion. I had just finished reading 'Ulysses' -- I had read it on my own, without any notes or anything. And he had read it the year before, {with} one of those guides.

So he knew everything. And I was impressed. It was years before he ever told me why he had caught all that. I kept thinking, 'Gosh, he's just gotten so much more out of this book than I have.' "

Two weeks later, Jim purposed, and she gladly accepted. But again, she changed her mind the very next day. A few months later, the subject popped up again, and she was taking Jim’s love again. However, all these proposals weren't going to repeat in a lifetime.

She stopped teaching and had three kids in six years.

"I was overwhelmed," she described her emotions with the Washington Post.

Soul mates of same Professions: Authors'

Jim and Kate Lehrer, who both are a professional novelist, were well aware of each other's business and struggled that novelist encounters which built the mutual understanding after they were married.

Since the adorable love of the Lehrer, the couple is the only thing that can be spotted, no rumors or issues of extra-marital affairs or disputes have ever appeared. It must have sprouted from honesty and trust of Jim Lehrer and Kate Lehrer, making them a successful couple in today's media world.

Talking about Jim in an Author link Interview, she said,

"Jim is very supportive of my work; he loves my writing style and voice. We are both writers, and we act as each other's critic. It's in our blood. Even all of our grown daughters are trying to write. My work is very different from the novels Jim writes. As for writing about bigamy, I just liked the idea of a woman going against the norm?to the extreme. What if she happened to have two husbands at the same time? Could she really pull it off? Jim understands. He says I am writing about every man's fantasy."

As Parents as Daughters:

The couple has a blissful life with three adorable daughters. They are euphoric with their offsprings and have successfully carried out their role of "inspiring parents." The couple is planning to guide their daughters in a right way so that they can also gain the popularity like their parents.

Caption: TV journalist Jim Lehrer posing with his author wife Kate (R) & their daughters.


Their three daughters Jame, Lucy, and Amanda are present alongside the parents in their every step. Kate and Jim have six grandchildren from the elder two while the youngest daughter is still in college to complete her studies.

Kate has also written many famous books during her career having commenced with the publishing of Out Of Eden. With this, Kate's reputation of Jim's wife was replaced by the reputation of a professional novelist herself.

It has been ages since the couple was first together and to this date, they are in no mood to put it to end. Hopefully, they will be taking it to a tomb.

Predicted presidential elections?

Caption: Jim Lehrer's Moderate First Full Presidential Debate in 2012.

Former Executive editor of PBS News Hour Jim Lehrer has moderated total 12 presidential debates in his career. His final debate was that first face-off between then president electives Mitt Romney and Barack Obama back in 2012.

The debate was watched by more than 67 million viewers who were then recorded since 1980. But Jim Lehrer expected  September’s Lester Holt-moderated debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to eclipse that. He said:

"People want to see these two folks. And that’s what these debates are all about. It’s the only time in the campaign that the two candidates are on the same stage talking about the same thing and people get to take the measure of them. Not only for what they believe and don’t believe, but how they handle themselves. What kind of people they are, their temperament,”

The veteran newsman retired from PBS’ News Hour back in 2011. Moreover, he came out of semi-retirement in 2012 to anchor the Obama-Romney debate.

Currently, he is on the board of the Commission on Presidential Debates which is a nonprofit organization that sponsors and produces the presidential and vice-presidential debates.

His Net Worth:

Though, Jim Lehrer is a highly paid person regarding salary from PBS NewsHour. Still, his net worth hasn't been determined yet. We can't even guess how much his net worth is, and involvement in economic sector must have assisted him in actually concealing them.

He also has the role in the Presidential Election Campaigns and is an author of various books on media. He is also interested in history and politics to providing him a lot of experience to settle his life in a well-established way.