Did Aaron Goodwin From Ghost Adventures Really Get Fired | Married & More

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Aaron Goodwin who has been bringing out the real life evidences of the paranormal activities from his series Ghost Adventures is popularly known for his intensive and daredevil character. After the Interview on........the Ghost Adventures star has been fired from the team for .......What next step with Aaron take after him getting kicked out for speaking the truth?
Did Aaron Goodwin From Ghost Adventures Really Get Fired | Married & More

Creating a mysterious and ghostly television series and winning the popular nickname “Teddy Bear”, Aaron Goodwin has been the dude of the  American series ‘Ghost Adventures’. Walking down the darkest corner where the paranormal activities bestow, Goodwin, along his ghost hunters has made us all believe in evil spirits.

However, in his recent interview where he angrily spilled the milk about the program got him kicked out of the show where the upcoming shows will be carried without his presence. The passionate ghost hunter has finally lost it all.

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Starting at the heart of Portland and later moving to Vegas, Aaron Goodwin, finally discovered his love for movie editing and camera. A boy, who was never into such ghostly beliefs yet alone indulgence, later in his life made a $1.5 million net worth out of this career.

Goodwin, who is also popularly known as the camera operator at the World Wrestling Entertainment, entered the famous series ‘Ghost Adventures’ along with a crew, venturing around in the most celestial areas and capturing the metaphysical activities.

Goodwin makes a post on Instagram announcing the new season of Ghost Adventures  (Photo: Aaron's Goodwin's Instagram)

Goodwin who is also known for his inability to cope in a lonely place without anyone around has gained his significance as a great camera operator and co-investigator from this show. The lingering horrific tales of the paranormal activities presented by this series has been loved and admired worldwide.

The Ghost Adventures star married his better half Sheena Goodwin during one of the show’s initial episodes. The marriage was all love and happy moments until the day when the camera person reportedly said that he had been experiencing some ghostly activities that lead to a divorce with his wife.

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With constant nightmares faced by his wife and other weird happenings experienced in his home, he felt that his wife couldn’t be tortured for such a case which lead to the pair’s split.

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Goodwin Really Fired From Ghost Adventures?:

The Zak’s bait of choice was reportedly said to be fired from Ghost Adventures after his outburst in one of the podcast interviews on the ‘Are We Alone’ hosted by Joshua Sweeney.

According to Travel Channel executive Richard Roscolelli, Goodwin was fired from the show after his eight-minute bombast about how the show misleads the audiences by exaggerating the paranormal incidence by adding their own voice to the clips when the evidence to it wasn't solely exciting.

The additional information about the crew recording their own voice in place of actual EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) to satisfy the producers has made the series to take a disappointing turning.

Aaron Goodwin spoke the truth and got fired from the show Ghost Adventures (Photo:

Goodwill said,

“If we film all night long and came back with uneventful material, they actually make us go back, and act out scenes. It’s sickening really,” He further added, “This started off as a real thing, it is just not consistent and active enough for the big-shots at the network, so they basically have turned us into liars. We have been committing a fraud in my eyes and I’ve just about had enough.

All these actions made Goodwin burst out in the two-hour long podcast showing the horrific truth about his series and it’s untrue facts.

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After portraying his own series as fake and misleading, the team then decided to move ahead without his presence after what he spoke at the interview.

The spokesperson of Ghost Adventures Roscolelli later reported saying that

“We are not sure why he said what he said but it is all false. We suspect there may be a feud involving one, or both, of his co-stars, and what better way to get at them than attack the show?” 

With the bitter truth that isn’t hidden anymore, it would take more evidence to make the audience believe in the existence of the paranormal activities for the Ghost Adventures.