Victor Williams Settles Downs with His Wife & Kids

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Victor Williams Settles Downs with His Wife & Kids

Commitment is something that makes a relationship stronger than ever. However, the American actor Victor Williams used to be scared of commitments. 

He has always been secretive about his relationships making his supporters wonder if he is married or still struggles with commitment.

However, sources claim that there is a chance Victor may have a wife.

Let's dig more into his personal life. 

Is Victor Williams Married?

Victor is married to a beautiful lady name Zia Williams. Zia is a Senior Vice President of Engineering at Two Sigma and was born in Nigeria.

Victor Williams's Wife

Victor goes on a date with his wife, Zia Williams. (Photo: Instagram)

Victor and Zia seem very similar as they prefer to keep their personal lives away from the media. 

Victor is so private that he hasn't revealed his wife's name for a long time. However, he did announce being married and having a wife on his Twitter. His revelation that he and his wife, Zia, had a son stunned his fans.

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Though Victor has not shared much about his married life, there have been no rumors about him being single again. Therefore, we can safely assume that he and his wife are living a happy life. 

However, it wasn't the case in his previous relationship. 

Victor Williams's Past Relationships

Victor previously had a girlfriend named Karen Pittman, an award-winning actress. Victor and his girlfriend, Karen, appeared to be very happy with one another. But the couple split up soon after the birth of their daughter.

Victor Williams's Girlfriend

Victor Williams and his ex-girlfriend, Karen Pittman. (Photo: PMC)

Victor and his ex-girlfriend preferred to keep the reason behind their break-up private. However, after that, Victor was not interested in getting married for a long time. 

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Regardless of their split, Victor and his ex-girlfriend made headlines when Karen sued him, claiming he behaved recklessly and failed to help to cover his daughter's basic fulfillments.

As of now, he has been a better father and takes good care of his spouse and children.

Victor still gives his all to his work.

Victor Williams's Career

Victor L. Williams was born in Brooklyn, New York, on September 19, 1970.

Despite not being shirtless, Victor, who stands at the height of 6 ft, five and a half inches, won the heart of viewers with his brilliant performance in the series 'The King Of Queens.'

After investing almost four decades of his life in the entertainment industry, Williams has appeared in movies including The Peacher's Wife, Cop Land, and series including Girlfriends, Fringe, and The Jamie Foxx Show.

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Among his movies and series, he is best known for his character Deacon Palmer in the series The King Of Queens. Adding to his credits, he has given his voice in The Animatrix and was also seen and heard in Verizon Fios.

Williams is all over big and small screens and focuses on his career. However, he is very devoted to his work, and we can see his hard work in the character he plays. 

'The Affairs' actor William, while making his appearance in a TV show 'Real,' shared his experience of the Golden Globes Award in a fascinating way.

Victor Williams In Real

Victor Williams shared his experiences with Golden Globes Award to the host of The Real on March 25, 2015. (Source: YouTube)

Victor was recently seen in FBI: Most Wanted as Secret Agent Moses Reed. 

His remarkable professional achievement has thus helped him accumulate massive net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Victor has accumulated a net worth of $2 million with his hard work and dedication.

Victor looks all set for happily ever after alongside his wife and kids.

Stay tuned to get more updates on Victor Williams.