Adam Cohen With Son To Craze For, Who Is His Wife? Is He Even Married?

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Adam Cohen With Son To Craze For, Who Is His Wife? Is He Even Married?

Singer-songwriter-guitarist, Adam Cohen had an added privilege to his musical career on account of being born as the son of one of the musical legends in Canada, Leonard Cohen. 

Although he could not live up to the reputation of his father, Adam still made a name for himself and even became successful in maintaining a loving relationship which was further blessed with the arrival of his son. 

Often silent about his married life, Adam also insists on keeping his girlfriend hidden from the spotlight!

Blessed With Wife-Like-Girlfriend And Son; No Plans On Getting Married

Adam has been involved in a longterm relationship with a woman named Jessica, but the couple is yet to get married. Although it's not clear when the pair started dating, Adam and his partner became parents to their first-born son Cassius in 2007.

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Adam Cohen's father Leonard and son Cassius in 2014 (Photo:

Adam even confessed in a 2011 interview that after the birth of his son, he became more responsible and even started doing odd jobs including composing soundtracks for porn movies to sustain his family. 

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Even though Adam is proud of his son, he often thinks of his initial albums as a disappointment and would be embarrassed if his child found out about his first three albums. In a 2012 interview, he said,

“If my kid had only my first three records, to see what his dad was up to and what his dad did, I would be embarrassed."

Adam, who currently ages 46, has made no mention of a wife but is supposedly in a loving relationship with his longtime girlfriend. Adam has kept his partner out of the limelight and revealed no intention of getting married shortly. 

Parents And Net Worth Details

Born on 18 September as the eldest son of parents Leonard Cohen and Suzanne Elrod, Adam was conceived in Montreal, Canada. His father, a Canadian music legend divorced his wife in 1978 after which Adam started living with his mother in south France but traveled around various nations including Canada, the USA, and Greece. 

Adam followed his father's footsteps taking piano lessons at a young age, but what influenced him to take up a career in music was his exposure to his father's music and other forms of art brought as gifts by family friends and others.

During his years as a young adult, Adam shifted to New York to pursue his college education. There he got involved with some rock groups in the early 90s. He later moved to Los Angeles where he got the opportunity to sign a solo contract with Columbia records in 1997. 

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In 2004, Adam released a French-language album called Mélancolista and even formed a band called Low Millions. The band even released an album titled Ex-Girlfriends in 2004. 

Adam came forward with his fourth album called Like a Man in 2011, which became his most commercially successful album to date. Although Adam has not revealed the exact figures of his net worth, he is estimated to be earning C$34,712 annually. Further, he also runs a YouTube channel called AdamCohenTV which has additionally raised the value of his net worth.